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You can watch movies right in the palm of your hand! ------------------------------------------------------------ March 1, 2011 Greetings, I want to use this issue to let you guys know that you can now follow this content on Twitter! The account name is VisualConsumer. Not only will I be posting clips and an- nouncements of upcoming DVD releases, but also for theatrical releases and big, new titles in videogames. Hope to see you there! Watch It Now, Anisa Remember for video clips on all kinds of DVDs and other stuff, visit our site at: ----- '127 Hours' DVD A dramatization of the true story of the trapped hiker who had to cut off his own arm to save himself, this film got six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. Based on Aron Ralston's memoir Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the movie was directed by Danny Boyle and stars James Franco in a performance that earned him an Oscar nod. Ralston (Franco) goes hiking alone in the Utah wilderness and has an accident that leaves him pinned between a boulder and a canyon wall. He's trapped there for over five days before he finally frees himself with a multipurpose tool. Watch the Trailer: 'Burlesque' DVD This musical showcases the singing and dancing of Christina Aguilera, and Cher does a couple of numbers. Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming and Kristen Bell all appear in supporting roles, while Cam Gigandet and Eric Dane play Aguilera's love inter- ests. The story is a familiar one: Ali (Aguilera) leaves a small town in Iowa and goes to LA to seek a career in show- biz. She finds her way to a small, financially troubled club owned by Tess (Cher) where a musical show is put on for the patrons. Ali starts out as a waitress, but it's not long before she becomes the show's star performer. Watch a Clip: 'Love and Other Drugs' DVD Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are paired in this uncon- ventional love story directed by Edward Zwick. The film combines elements of romance, comedy and melodrama. In the late 1990s, Jamie (Gyllenhaal) is a pharmaceutical sales rep who is struggling until Viagra comes on the market, and he begins to sell a lot of it. Through one of his customers, Dr. Knight (Hank Azaria), Jamie meets a patient named Maggie (Hathaway), who has early onset Parkinson's. Jamie and Maggie get into a sexual relationship that both say is just for fun, and as is appropriate to the story, this involves nudity. Watch a Clip: * DVD Rewind: Amazing Reunion Between Lion & Human As Seen on The View from Christian The Lion DVD... This will warm your heart! ------------------------------------------------------------ END OF What's New on DVD from Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. Please forward this, in its entirety, to others.

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