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The Tough Tools LED Torch Flashlight Will Have You Beaming! Get the Brightest & Most Energy Efficient LED Flashlight ------------------------------------------------------------ February 22, 2011 Greetings, The newest comedy by Todd Phillips is right on time. 'Due Date', starring the unlikely duo Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, is now on DVD. With memorable films such as 'The Hangover' and 'Old School' to measure up to (other Todd Phillips films), 'Due Date' hits the comedy nail right on the head. Also, be sure to check out the interview with Galifianakis under the description of the film; it's weird to hear from him out of character! Watch It Now, Anisa Remember for video clips on all kinds of DVDs and other stuff, visit our site at: ----- 'Due Date' DVD Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis star in this raunchy road comedy directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover). Peter Highman (Downey), an architect winding down a business trip, arrives at the Atlanta airport, trying to get back to his Los Angeles home in time for the birth of his first child. He encounters the goofy Ethan Tremblay (Galifiankis), a wanna-be actor whose talk of terrorism gets them kicked off the flight, and Peter leaves his wallet on the plane. He has no choice other than to accept Ethan's offer of driving cross- country together, and they have adventures along the way. Interview with Zach Galifianakis: 'Get Low' DVD Robert Duvall creates a memorable character is this quiet, meandering drama based on a true story. In Tennessee in the 1930s, Felix Bush (Duvall) is an elderly hermit living on a farm with only his mule for company. Although Felix is expecting to live on for years, one day he goes into town and tells funeral director Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) he wants to have a gathering similar to a funeral, except he wants to be present. Quinn sets the event up for him, and an attrac- tive widow (Sissy Spacek) comes into the story. At the gath- ering, there's a revelation, and Duvall makes a speech. Watch a Clip: 'Megamind' DVD An animated comedy from DreamWorks, this film features the voices of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill. There are lots of pop culture references and golden-oldie music, such as AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" and Michael Jackson's "Bad." The setting is Metro City, where the supervillain is Megamind (Ferrell) and the superhero is Metro Man (Pitt). They battle over cute TV reporter Roxanne (Fey), but one day Metro Man is apparently killed. That's when Megamind tries to transform a schlubby TV cameraman (Hill) into a new superhero. Watch a Clip: * DVD Rewind: Amazing Reunion Between Lion & Human As Seen on The View from Christian The Lion DVD... This will warm your heart! ------------------------------------------------------------ END OF What's New on DVD from Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. Please forward this, in its entirety, to others.

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