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------------------------------------------------------------ To ensure that you continue to receive Anything Goes e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book. ------------------------------------------------------------ Is your dog's life worth 2.99? The Pet Safety Light keeps pets safe and night and easy to keep track of in the dark. January 31, 2011 Greetings... Unless you have been living under a rock, have no TV, cable, radio, or friends, you are aware of the demonstrations in Egypt by its citizens, who for 30 years, have been ruled by a tyranical President that has inflicted torture, brutality, and human rights violations via his goonish police force... The people finally said..."Enough" and took to the streets in numbers previously unkown in a Middle Eastern country. People from every age group, walk of life, religious affiliation, and social status joined in and it became apparant early on that history was/is being made right before our eyes... The violence that occured was not from the demonstrators, but the police force, and right up until the President cut off all Internet and phone access, we witnessed it. Even so, there have been enough reports coming out via news media and the people themselves to keep us apprised of the situation as it occurs. The resilience of the citizens showed the determination and I, for one, sit in admiration for what they are doing and am saying a few prayers for the citizens of Egypt... Among the many prayers... I pray they are successful in getting Mubarek to quit... I pray they are able to replace him with someone who will give them all what they deserve, rights, respect, and democracy... I pray religious nutcases will NOT have any impact or voice in swaying these strong willed people into blindly following them into a life that will be far worse than the ones they have now... I pray the Egyptian army, who has, so far been supportive of the citizens, continue to help and protect them against the criminal element that is now running rampant after the police forces quit and left Egypt to "burn"... And...Because I have been a lover of the Ancient Egyptian culture since I was a little girl and in fact, have two rooms decorated extensively in that theme, I pray that no harm comes to the national treasures that are the history of a people, a culture and an intelligence of long ago... I realize there are high stakes in what is going on, both within the United States and Israel. That being said, I hope both countries don't turn into hypocrites who claim democracy and human rights are important to them when it has been proven many times that they both have failed at times in recent and past history, and have backed someone who has not done right by the people... Just because a country is a "friend", doesn't mean they have our best interests at heart. If Egypt is our friend, than Egypt means the people and the people need our support. Get off the fence Obama and speak up! Maybe had he been more supportive of the Iranians who tried this a few years ago, the nutjob running that country might be history today. Not supporting this fight for democracy could put us into a worse situation when the dust settles and the masses perceive us as supportive of "the enemy of the people"... It isn't easy for a nation to do what these brave people are doing and I am not only praying for them to succeed, but I'm praying they know what to do with it when they get their freedom and democracy... *** Before I go, I would like to wish my darling Flyboy a happy 10th Anniversary! Ten years ago today, I married a man who would ever change the way I feel about love. I am truly married to the love of my life and my best friend and the only positive thing about growing old is that he is by my side as we age... I realize 10 years is nothing compared to those who have been married a lot longer, and it's my misfortune to have met Flyboy 12 years ago and not 30! I'm a firm believer in the adage, everything happens the way it will happen and everything happens for a reason... I am thankful for both. Happy Anniversay honey!!!

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