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------------------------------------------------------------ To ensure that you continue to receive Anything Goes e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book. ------------------------------------------------------------ Working, exercising or any other activity, measure your blood pressure and pulse rate with clinical accuracy! January 26, 2011 Greetings... A man in Michigan is facing a possible five year sentence for a "crime"... No, he didn't shoot or hit anyone. He didn't steal from, or cheat anyone... His crime? Reading his wife's email without her knowledge or permission... It appears there is a law against reading your partner's emails without consent. He claims the passwords were right on the desk and he only did it because she was cheating with someone he thought might be abusive... Uh-huh...Correct me if I'm wrong, but most men who find out their wife may be cheating would welcome a little "abuse" against her if you get my drift... A few things surrounding this. I don't think the guy should have been arrested or charged with a crime for doing what ANY partner would do if suspicious as to their partner's fidelity... The fact of the matter is that most people that go "looking" already have a good idea what is going on, but want to get valid proof or "validation" of their suspicions... There are partners that are nosey by nature and snoop just to snoop, and then there are those partners that are paranoid by nature and even with no evidence, incident, or issues, will snoop, just to snoop. I'm not talking about those types because the issue at hand is whether or not you think this guy or any other man or woman deserves jail time for a "crime" that, 99.999% of us would "commit" in certain circumstances? I don't go and read Flyboy's email and he doesn't read mine. Both of us have each other's passwords and my work mail is always minimized because I check it so often. He is free to read that anytime if he wants to and never has, although loves when I turn the computer his way to show him a particular email I have received and if it's hate mail, he sits there glued as I *ahem* respond... In this day and age, so many people have gotten "busted" for cheating through the technology we use every day. Text messages, phone messages, camera phones, etc. Why isn't against the law to bust them over this technology versus email? I find the whole thing ridiculous and while I believe a couple should respect each other's privacy to a degree, I don't think I would believe my spouse was innocent if he had me arrested for reading his email... Make no mistake about it, IF I had any kind of "gut rumbling", I'd not only read them, I'd answer them... I know there are couples that share email addresses or ride "shotgun" every time either one is on the computer, sign each email with both names, etc. No thanks, I think those types are a bit insecure, putting on a "show", or don't trust each other, or...themselves... I wouldn't trade the partner I have for anything in the world, but we're both individuals and don't need each other to validate the other or the relationship by including each other on issues that are either nonsensical or unimportant... So, what do you think? Is the harsh punishment for the Michigan man a little "too much"? :-)

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