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------------------------------------------------------------ To ensure that you continue to receive Anything Goes e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book. ------------------------------------------------------------ Travel Ready 37 pc First Aid Kit - Perfect For On The Go! December 24, 2010 Greetings... Hello again from "sick bed central"... I'm going to try to get through this before the meds start to wear off and I have less of a train of thought than usual. I have been lying in bed or on the couch since I came down with pneumonia, but for some strange reason, I can't sleep! If I doze off, I wake up thinking I have been sleeping for hours and am shocked when I look at the clock and a whopping 5-10 minutes have passed... Since sleep is something the body needs to heal, I have tried taking Nightime Nyquil during the day and even that hasn't knocked me out any longer than taking nothing. I'm on mega-doses of antibiotics and don't know if that is having any effect on my ability or lack of ability to sleep... This has given me loads of time to think about any and everything that pops into my sleep deprived brain. I handed out most of my Christmas cards and gifts to everyone who does work at our home, such as landscapers, pool person, mail lady, etc. I still have a gift to give the girl who does my nails, but that will have to wait since the last thing I can think about right now is having my nails done... Believe it or not, I actually have a point today to talk about and it involves Christmas "tipping" and the so-called experts guide as to what you should give to various people you come in contact with for services during the year... The "experts" claim you should give an amount equal to the service they do for you, such as 20.00 if that is what you pay for your nails, a week's babysitting for each childcare person that take care of your child or children, and so on and so on... I am far from cheap, but I gotta say...Hold on there!!! I disagree with the guidelines and the amounts for the services that are pricey to begin with. It's one thing to give a twenty dollar tip to a nail person and quite another thing to gift 100.00+ for various other services that you use on a weekly or monthly basis. One could argue that if you can afford to have all these people working for you, money shouldn't be an issue to "do the right thing"... This isn't about doing the right thing, this is about taking a voluntary action and turning it into a mandatory amount based on someone's "expertise"... I could argue that, as the customer who pays for the services that keep the businesses going, we aren't "gifted" one free service at this time of the year for our loyalty...Cuts both ways huh??? (I wouldn't expect this, just trying to make a point)... I guess I'm just saying this...When it comes to holiday gift giving, it should be up to the gift giver what they want to spend and not some pre-determined minimum that many may not be able to afford and should be able to show their appreciation in any way they see fit... Before I go and try to catch my 10 minute nap, I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to you and your families. Enjoy the weekend of festivities and if possible, take a minute or two to give someone who may be alone a quick call to say hello. This time of the year is hard on a lot of people and sometimes all they need is to know someone cares! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! HO! HO! HO! :-)

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