Powered By Make Christmas memorable with with these popular stocking stuffers. ------------------------------------------------------------ Classic Laff-a-Day - December 14, 2010 Greetings Laff Lovers, You can't deny the delight of shopping from the comfort of your own computer and getting incredible deals like the Sound Logic Digital MP3/MP4 player! This 4GB Digital MP3/MP4 player is more than just any MP3/MP4 player... It plays Movies, Music & more. It looks, feels and operates like an Apple iPod but at 1/3 the price. It fits right in the palm of your hand, your pocket, your purse, your carry-on... but is big on sound and can hold up to 2,000 songs! 4GB iPod-Like Digital MP3/MP4 Compare at: $79.99 YOUR PRICE: $34.99 (56% off) Get two for $59.98 (62% off) Features Includes: - 4 GB memory. - Big 1.8 LCD Screen - Digital FM Radio - Built In Speaker - MP3 Player - MP4 Player - Digital Voice Recorder - Download & Read E-Books - Plays up to 15 hours of Video - Holds up to 2000 Songs - View up to 4000 Photos - Stereo Earphones - Includes Manufacturers Warranty. Get one for $34.99 or save an additional $10.00 and get two for $59.98 Electronic-ly, TZ ---------------------------------------------------------

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