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------------------------------------------------------------ To ensure that you continue to receive Anything Goes e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book. ------------------------------------------------------------ Give Your Wrist Some Relief When Working at the Computer. December 8, 2010 Greetings... Since we are in or entering the season for gift giving, I thought I'd mention an article I came across the other day regarding giving gifts to your children, whether it be for a holiday or in the case of the article, birthdays... The argument in the article was about coming to a point in your child's life when a parent no longer "has" to give them a birthday gift, and the "child's" understanding that they are now grown up and should be happy with a card... This kind of boggled my mind to be honest. The "cut-off" age in the article was no later than 25 years of age, and earlier in some cases. While I can understand if finances are the issue at which point, the kid would already know this and have no problem with not getting a gift...maybe I also can understand a line being drawn as the children start having children and the list of recipients getting larger and larger each year to the point it gets out of control. In this case, people sometimes mutually agree to give gifts to the little ones until they get to a pre-determined age. This is usually true during the holiday season... But...Your kid's birthday? I can't fathom not getting my kids a birthday gift no matter how old they are or how old they get! The gift is not as elaborate as it may have been when they were kids, and depending on their circumstances, cash always seems to be King, no matter the amount... Again, personal finances would always be the first determining factor, but I don't think there's a magic cut-off age to remove your own kid from the gift list... While parents may not get a birthday present from their kid as they grow up, a card means more to that parent than any kid can imagine... I guess my question to you is this... Do you think you should stop giving your child a birthday gift when he or she reaches a certain age if finances aren't the reason for the need to cut them off? I will admit that the generation walking around today has a sense of "entitlement" to those around them and give very little in return, and I'm not talking gifts if you get my drift, but I still think I would still get the little brat a birthday gift down the road!

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