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Super Sized Shammies...Holds 20x Its Weight In Liquid --> RETAIL Price: $9.99 -- OUR Price: $2.99 <-- ------------------------------------------------------------ September 14, 2010 Greetings, The explosive action/adventure movie based on the video game 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' hits DVD shelves today. This is one thrill ride you won?t want to miss; be sure to check out the link below the description to see a clip from 'Prince of Persia'. Watch It Now, Anisa Remember for video clips on all kinds of DVDs and other stuff, visit our site at: ----- 'Just Wright' DVD A star vehicle for Queen Latifah, this romantic comedy pairs her with hip-hop artist Common. Physical therapist Leslie Wright (Latifah) and her good-looking friend Morgan (Paula Patton) are avid fans of the New Jersey Nets, a professional basketball team. By chance, Leslie meets Scott McKnight (Common), one of the Nets' star players, and he invites her to a party. When Leslie and her friend attend the party, Scott immediately falls for Morgan. But soon Scott suffers a career-threatening injury, and Leslie becomes his physical therapist. Phylicia Rashad and Pam Grier are also in the movie. 'Letters to Juliet' DVD Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave and beautiful Italian scenery are the main ingredients in this gentle romance. Sophie (Seyfried) takes a trip to Verona with her fiancé, but he is obsessed with business pursuits, leaving her on her own. She volunteers to answer letters left by people at the house of Shakespeare's Juliet and responds to one written by a teenager 50 years ago. That teenager is now the elderly Claire (Redgrave), who comes to Verona with her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan). Sophie, Claire and Charlie travel around looking for Claire's long-lost love. 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' DVD Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this family action-adventure movie based on a video game. In ancient Persia, Dastan (Gyllenhaal) was an orphan before being adopted by the king and raised with his two biological sons. Another member of the royal family is the king's brother (Ben Kingsley). There's murder and intrigue at the royal court, and there's also an invasion of a nearby country, where Dastan falls in love with the princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton). Dastan and Tamina get in- volved with a bejeweled dagger with mystical powers, and Alfred Molina plays an entrepreneur who puts on ostrich races. Watch a Clip: * DVD Rewind: The Best of Riverdance DVD Watch what happens when the human spirit soars! ------------------------------------------------------------ END OF What's New on DVD from Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. Please forward this, in its entirety, to others.

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