Powered By GENUINE LEATHER MEN'S TRIFOLD WALLET Normal Price: $14.99 Deal Price: $5.99 - 2 for $7.98 ------------------------------------------------------------ Classic Laff-a-Day - August 10, 2010 Greetings Laff Lovers, Missing something? Maybe a ruler, or a flashlight, what about a pair of scissors? With the 6-in-1 Mini Desk Tool puts everything you need right in your hand. The 6 in 1 Mini Desk Tool is a credit card sized emergency all in one kit featuring a goose neck adjustable light, flashlight, laser pointer, scissors, mini pen and 2 rulers. The 6 in 1 Mini Desk Tool is the perfect carry all accessory for people on the go and is especially handy for those giving video or Powerpoint presentations in dark rooms since you have several light options and a laser pointer at your fingertips. It makes a great gift for anyone; frequent travelers, students, teachers, professionals on the go, and many more. Features: - Fits Easily in a Wallet or Purse - LED Flashlight - Extendable LED Mini LED Snake Light - Red Laser Pointer - Mini Scissors - Mini Ball Point Pen - English/Metric Rulers - Batteries Included Get this 2-Pack for less than the cost of just one! Tooling-ly, TZ ---------------------------------------------------------

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