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Rare metal improves performance of energy-harvesting piezoelectric crystals
When zapped with a laser, magnets behave like fluids
New microscopy method promises better picture of deep brain activity
Bacteria in the human body are sharing genes
New gas-detecting threads can be sewn into clothes
No more broken phone screens: New see-through film stronger than aluminum
Evidence of deep groundwater on Mars detailed in new study
Scientists look to turn bee spit and flower oil into glue
Humans can be tricked just like computers
Scientists devise method for levitating, propelling objects with light
NASA details moon, Mars mission plans
Scientists turn back time with quantum computer
New earthquaking-sensing method could give earlier warnings
Physicists build random anti-laser
Deflecting an asteroid will be harder than scientists though
Material protecting beetle could have medical, engineering applications
Electric bikes could improve brain function in older people
Machine learning-based discoveries still need to be checked by humans
Hip and knee replacements show high durability, study shows
CO2-capturing artificial leaves ready to leave the lab
Light pollution affects most of the planet's key wildlife areas
New scale to grade the strength of storm-carrying atmospheric rivers
Scientists in Britain found microplastics in marine mammals
New robot can simulate a self-image, learn what it is
World's first tendril-like soft robot can curl and climb
Possible building block of life detected inside distant star
AI-powered genomic analysis reveals unknown human ancestor
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' helps neurobiologists study brain's sense of time
Light powers faster 3D printing
Cow breathalyzers help scientists measure methane emissions
New device allows scientists to precisely control neurons with light
Activating large silent genes allows bacteria to synthesize new molecules
Scientists devise method to gather water from fog, condensation
Researchers find alternative to pure platinum catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells
New computer imaging method detects lung cancer based on blood vessels
Saturn's rings disappearing at 'worst-case-scenario' rate
New foldable drone can navigate narrow holes
InSight lander snaps its first selfie from the surface of Mars
Math models could help police thwart city burglars
Small crustacean could help researchers turn wood into biofuel
Study: Electric stimulation therapy boosts mood, decreases depression
Mushroom enzymes help scientists make other organisms glow in the dark
New device removes mercury from drinking water
Smartphone technology can spot breast cancer tumors
Graphene to power higher resolution, energy-efficient electronic displays
Scientists turn Martian sunrise into a piece of music
MIT researchers develop window coating to deflect most of sun's heat
Scientists design bioreactor to regrow amputated frog's legs
Ozone hole in northern hemisphere to recover completely by 2030
FDA recalls devices over inaccurate warfarin test results