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The hardest part about doing laundry.
All that effort for nothing.
The real challenge involved with golfing.
We've suffered another loss.
An enjoyable and successful anniversary.
Ahoy polloi.
Busy equals expensive.
Happy Memorial Day to everyone.
Who knows? You might get lucky.
A labor of love is still mostly labor.
Why do I keep doing this to myself?
If you want results you have to put in the work.
The dangers of flower shopping.
Flowers or vegetables?
Frustrations and compensations.
A little chicken experiment.
Chili today, hot tamale.
Celebrating Uno de Mayo.
It turned into a better weekend than I was expecting.
Financial planning.
Rediscovering the homely whiskey sour.
It's always a good idea to broaden your horizons.
The mystery plans.
Oh, the weather outside is frightful.
The rancid smell of success.
I never cease to be amazed at what a barbecue grill can do.
It doesn't seem fair, does it?
Making the best of a dismal weekend.
How hard is it to find a good martini?
A lean, stream-lined squirrel hunter.
Some are born to have great parties, others have great parties thrust upon them.
We all contribute what we can.
So you want to take a day off.
Honey, I'm Home.
Plain, old, simple lack of talent.
The wife and I just got stimulated.
Just a small rehearsal.
Finally... spring is here!
The problem with shenanigans.
It's not over yet.
A parade of 2.
It might be time for me to quit.
I'm not fooled by a little warm weather.
The life lessons to be learned in dodgeball.
Cursed ceramic tiles?
Uh oh. It's March and you know what that means...
5 bucks is 5 bucks.
I'm making myself a promise.
College life.
Tax time.