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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, but an Oregon man claims his body turns food calories directly into alcohol!

48-year-old Ray Lewis says he has auto-brewery syndrome (ABS). He began experiencing symptoms about 5 years ago, feeling inexplicably nauseous, sweaty, and completely forgetting about conversations he had. But Ray didn't realize something was seriously wrong until he crashed his truck in 2014, right after eating his lunch.

His wife Sierra feared he was a closet alcoholic and put him on a strict detox diet, banning him from having access to his bank account to buy alcohol. But even after swearing he had not let a single drop of booze past his lips, Ray's blood alcohol readings could measure above the legal limit.

It wasn't until a friend mentioned something they had seen on television about ABS that Ray and Sierra suspected it was a medical condition.

After researching the condition they decided that however rare and unlikely it sounded, ABS was the only explanation for Ray's sudden drunkenness. In 2015 they were referred to a doctor in Ohio who diagnosed his condition. Since his diagnosis Ray has been struggling to adapt to life as an 'alcoholic'.

Ray said: "Most people have laughed at us when we say the words 'auto-brewery'. They only stop making jokes when they realise it is not a joke and that we are both suffering."

It has the same physiological effects on the body as lifelong binge drinking. The body's organs don't know or care where the alcohol originates.

Ray is restricted to a diet of protein, vegetables and nuts, and is not allowed to touch chocolate, chips, or any other sugars or carbohydrates.

"I'm getting better at noticing when flare-ups are starting," Ray says, "but I have to self-test for blood alcohol levels ten times a day."


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I'm Sure This Went Differently In The Kid's Mind

A teenager in Oklahoma was injured while trying to prank his friend. The teenager in Tulsa was rushed to a hospital after he tried to pull the prank on his coworker by scaring him after he returned from work. It all started when the 18-year-old man hid under his friend's car outside a Braum's restaurant. The friend left the fast food restaurant, got into his vehicle without knowing that the teenager was under the car. The prankster did not act fast enough. As his friend began driving away, he ran over the teenager. Police said that the 18-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital with head and leg injuries.


*--------- Emotional Support Squirrel? ---------*

A Florida man is fighting his condo association for the right to keep his pet, a squirrel he registered as an emotional support animal. Ryan Boylan, who lives at Island Walk Condominiums in Clearwater Beach, said he rescued Brutis the squirrel last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. "Ever since then I mean, oh my god, I can't imagine not being around her," Boylan said. Brutis came to property management's attention when she was chased up a tree on the property by a dog. Boylan's condo association sent him a notice last month telling him to get rid of the squirrel or find a new place to live. Boylan registered Brutis as an emotional support animal at website after obtaining a note from his doctor in July. The doctor's note says Boylan suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from a car accident. The Office of Human Rights, which was contacted by Boylan, sent a letter to the association stating that emotional support animals are protected under the Fair Housing Act.

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Lewis, i am the wife and yes i have legs. it's just easier to reach the frig in the bedroom than going all the way to the kitchen. Would you really interrupt a great time to send her for beer? What an amateur. -Ellen

INCEST. The game the whole family can play. -Scott
[Except Grandma always gets picked last.]

Does that girl really expect anyone to buy her claim that her mother convinced her incest was not a crime? She must think the court is as stupid as what she did. -Chris

Why is it that the enormous majority of those kind of incidents happen in Florida.

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