Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Difficulties with your mate ...
Try to keep your cool
Someone left a real mess for you to sift through
Spend time with youngsters today.
Be sure to look into travel opportunities
Keep the promises you've made
Be careful if a friend asks you for advice
Misunderstandings could cause confusion and upset
You will find the perfect outfit if you shop today
Don't overspend to impress others
Things at home may be somewhat rocky
You are best to look into investments
Unforeseen changes in your location are apparent
Limitations at work might set you back
Make changes to your home
Don't let your anger consume you
You can get into weight loss programs
You will need to finalize important deals today
Travel for pleasure will be enticing
Unexpected bills may set you back
Don't make any unreasonable promises
Outbursts of passion may cause arguments
Lack of funds may add stress
You could overreact to emotional situations
Try not to be overly generous
Don't be too quick to judge partners
Invite friends over
Discrimination will be in order
You'll be dropping friends for no apparent reason
Don't overspend to impress others
You can buy or sell if you're so inclined
You will be on the rampage today
Don't get talked into get rich quick schemes
Don't rely on others to handle the workload
Don't be too eager to spend money that you really don't have
Don't be too quick to spend money
You may be tom between two possibilities
Get down to business and do the work yourself
Find a way to consolidate
You are best to stick to basics
Your home environment may be hectic
Do not let in-laws upset you
Organize social events or family gatherings
If they're really interested...
Use your charm to get your own way
Don't bother complaining, do the work yourself
Avoid getting trapped in internal disputes
Plan your day thoughtfully
Take a look at investment opportunities
Compromise if you have to, to avoid verbal battles