Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
How About A Snack and A Snooze?
"I'll never put on a life jacket again."
Love Makes You Crazy
Please, Be A Curly!
I Got to Hand It to Ya
Do You Really Need Me For That?
Nothing Beats A Good Nap
My Kingdom for a Snowblower!
Home Sick, Not Home Sick
Snow Far, Snow Good!
I'm Like Corn...
I'm So Glad You Are Here!
Apparently, I Smell
I Was Watching A Chuck Norris Movie and...
I've Been Doing that Sleep Talking
I'm Not Going to Complain...
Stuff Said While Shopping
A Stocking Full of Jokes
Two Trees at the Same Time
The Holiday Hilarity Sets A High Bar
That Old Man Winter is One Rough Dude
Price Check at the Dollar Store?
Who Could Use A Good Laugh?
Anyone Got A Light?
Don't Get Me Sick
Leftovers: Food and Turkey Jokes
I'll Eat Just About Anything!
Horrible Slogans for Random Things
Hey, You! Where's What's His Name?
So, What's It Today?
Is That Christmas Music I Hear?
What did the zombie say when Steve told one of his jokes?
Happy Halloween, Beware of Fright Leakage!
We Are Here for Candy
Now, That's How You Name A Turtle!
A Joke from Jethro
Birthday Fun Is A Comin'
Donuts with Dad
My Wife is Hilarious
The Best Time of Year
What Goes Up...
My Lungs Are So Old...
Confession Is Good For The Soul
Ready to Laugh at a "Sorta-Joke"?
I Need My Coffee
Too Much Coffee For Me
Stress Can Make You Do All Sorts Of Things
Taking A Look At Myself
Why Do Chairs Have Armrests and No Leg-rests?
I Have Lots to Learn