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Math models could help police thwart city burglars
Small crustacean could help researchers turn wood into biofuel
Study: Electric stimulation therapy boosts mood, decreases depression
Mushroom enzymes help scientists make other organisms glow in the dark
New device removes mercury from drinking water
Smartphone technology can spot breast cancer tumors
Graphene to power higher resolution, energy-efficient electronic displays
Scientists turn Martian sunrise into a piece of music
MIT researchers develop window coating to deflect most of sun's heat
Scientists design bioreactor to regrow amputated frog's legs
Ozone hole in northern hemisphere to recover completely by 2030
FDA recalls devices over inaccurate warfarin test results
Nerve on a chip may improve prosthetic design
New process could reduce cost of manufacturing plastic
Students help scientist ID the sonic signatures of solar storms
FDA seeks to strengthen cybersecurity of medical devices
Stellar death reveals compact neutron star binary
Study explains optical illusion at the center of the Milky Way
DNA tool can assess disease risk by predicting person's height
ICESat-2 fires lasers for the first time, measures Antarctic ice
WWII bombs sent shockwaves to the edge of space
DARPA invests in propellant-free rocket theory
Chemists find better way to manipulate 3D structure of molecules
Mosquitoes can introduce microplastics into new food chains
Shrinking is a key evolutionary strategy for mammals
New silicon chip emits quantum light source
MIT researchers break piece of spaghetti into two pieces
Prime numbers, crystals share similar structural patterns
New printer uses sound waves to shape ink droplets
Engineered sand removes contaminants from stormwater
Artificial intelligence detects often-undetected cancer tumors
Light has momentum, new research confirms
New AI system can screen for neurological illnesses in seconds
Scientists stack elastic circuits to build 3D stretchable electronics
Scientists develop way to supercool liquids without freezing them
New technology to power pocket-sized particle accelerator
Gizmorama - Magnetic particles in surgical cement for spine may target drug delivery
Gizmorama - Soil microbes eat alternative plastic
Gizmorama - Microbots capable of sensing environs could explore intestines, pipelines
Gizmorama - Calculator can predict heart age, risk for heart disease
Gizmorama - Root vegetables to help make new buildings stronger, greener
Gizmorama - Bioengineering technique created for personalized bone grafts
Gizmorama - Wearable devices could predict risk for senior falls
Gizmorama - Ultrashort electron flashes offer new way to harvest nuclear energy
Gizmorama - Smart bandage can monitor wounds, trigger drug release
Gizmorama - New window coating can lower energy bill in two ways
Gizmorama - New, safer waterproof coating invented by MIT scientists
Gizmorama - New nerve gas detector built using Lego blocks and a smartphone
Gizmorama - Scientists tackle the sound of a leaky faucet
Gizmorama - New NASA instrument on ISS to track plant water use on Earth