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You know what I hate about the holidays?
When your heart's on fire, smoke gets in your eyes.
A great way to impress your 'wino' friends.
Who is the best Secret Santa?
Funny how that works out.
It took all year, but I finally made it.
The pre-Thanksgiving nightmare.
When dislike turns to hatred.
Now THAT'S a sandwich.
I can't help myself, I get carried away.
I may need a couple stiff drinks for this.
My kind of problem-solving.
It's hard to think outside the box.
Working smart, not hard.
My big brother.
That's a good investment of time, as far as I'm concerned.
Kind of crappy but convenient.
What a waste.
A lot more fun than Lammas Day.
I had one job. I failed.
I have one job and one job only.
The beer fridge.
Neither sleet nor snow shall keep these partiers from drinking beer.
Dust bunnies do not count as Halloween decorations.
This is why I loathe shopping.
If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right.
It's getting around Halloween decorating time again.
The power of facial hair.
Columbus proved size really does matter.
Persona non grata.
The hard part of teaching little kids taekwondo.
It only took seven years, but we have finally did it.
Why is it so hard to get motivated?
It's like living on a perpetual adrenaline high.
Another summer has withered in its pride.
Don't let it be said I didn't do the least I could do.
Matthew 7:1
I give it 50/50.
If I gotta, I gotta.
Man vs. stump.
It's important to have goals.
I guess I just have that kind of face.
There's still time.
Get in whatever relaxing you can now.
So much for the weekend.
I always wanted to be popular, I never thought it would be for this.
Failure and opportunity.
No stump is going to stump me.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the basement in my mind.
If that's what it takes to win an argument.