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Armed Toddler Shoots Cop.
You're an arsonist, Mr. Grinch.
Psycho roommate takes a 'stab' at vigilante justice.
Island of the Man-Eating Monkeys.
Why does government hate Christmas?
Just When You Thought Humans Couldn't Get Any Worse.
Just Like Indiana Jones.
Forklift Driver Buried Alive in Warehouse Collapse.
Some unusual entertainment on the evening commute.
Hell hath no fury.
Florida is turning into the Land of the Lost.
The catch of the day. WTF?
This would have made a great horror movie.
What is the most embarrassing costume to be attacked in?
Be careful who you have a three-way with.
The Mile High Club.
Zombie Politician about to be elected.
CA high school kids invent a brand new crime.
These emotional support animal stories keep getting better.
Hallelujah, it's raining... frogs?
Goat decapitations are up.
Brits Support Environment by Strangling Royal Mail
'Cannibal wife' suspected of eating up to 30 people.
When idiots attack elephants, fashion embraces bo0bs, and more.
Cross-Dresser Tricked Men Into Making Gay Pron Videos.
Man Sh!ts Solid Gold Brick.
UPDATE: Italian Silicone Brothel Raided.
The end is nigh.
If you can't take the height, get out of the kitchen.
BREAKING: Treason charges against the NYT?
They're not quite seks robots, but...
Bizarre Conspiracy to Eliminate the Right Surfaces in Virginia.
NYC Paying for Bronx sexcapades.
Antifa Praises Trump on Deporting Immigrant?
Neigh Means Neigh, Cops Bust Farm Animal Orgy in PA.
Women have a complicated relationship with alcohol and nudity.
And you thought screaming babies on a plane were annoying.
Alligator Head: Not What You're Expecting.
Bizarre News - Florida man shockingly bad at parkour.
Bizarre News - In Russia, toilet flush you.
Bizarre News - Where's the beef? You don't want to know.
Bizarre News - Thieves Steal Hallucinogenic Toads.
Bizarre News - Woman uses energy healing to save mountain lion.
Bizarre News - Safe-cracking made stupid easy.
Bizarre News - A Tough Way To Find Out Your Wife Is Cheating On You.
Bizarre News - It's not handicapped, it's handicapable.
Bizarre News - Axe Attacks Up in Australia
Bizarre News - He had a beer in one hand, and a firework in the other.
Bizarre News - Topless Woman Steals Excavator.
Bizarre News - The 110th anniversary of the Tunguska Event.