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The last issue of Bizarre News.
Love and marriage.
Bear vs Karate
The final countdown.
The customer is always right.
'The principal found her in a classroom without pants.'
Woodpeckers stash 700 pounds of acorns in wall of California home
Woman Run Over by Her Own Car
That's a lot of chicken wings.
Parachutes are for amateurs.
Dog shoots man.
You can't argue with science.
Contortionist breaks archery world record using her feet
The wrong way to smoke a brisket.
Fire in the hole.
This would make a great beer commercial.
Don't you feel safer?
It's best not to get between a Mainer and his beer.
More Than One Way to Earn Your Allowance
It seems like they could have skipped the lottery tickets.
That's the spirit.
Cop Accused of Making Pron While on Duty
Pump and go means pump and go.
Magic mushrooms and contraband bananas.
Beware of flying seks toys.
Dark Guardian could be looking for you.
Married couple boast a total 98 body modifications.
Hanky panky leads to disorderly conduct.
'A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in P0rnogr@phy'
Couple makes 1.9-carat discovery at Crater of Diamonds
Belly Button Beer or V@g!na Beer?
The origins of the giant duck remain a mystery.
'It appears that there's meats of some sort flying out the windows.'
Woman accused of releasing bees on police.
Bubble boy attempts to walk to Bermuda.
'The only jeans made by white labor'
Who knew camels were fond of french fries?
Jiggler on the roof.
Halloween comes early.
Space soccer.
It's a little early for a bizarre horror story, but...
Teenagers these days.
That's one beer every 21 minutes.
College Degrees Are For Suckers
Swimmer finds wedding ring lost 17 years earlier
Woman's cups runneth over with cocaine.
'Not the smartest decision a Florida boy could make.'
Dance like nobody's watching.
Gravy Wrestling and grizzly attacks.
Is that a lizard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?