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Fun Facts
New gun control bill requires background checks to buy ammo
Celebrity Gun and NRA Supporters
Supreme Court agrees to hear major gun rights case
The Legend of Gunslinger Doc Holiday
Colorado Gov. signs two laws increasing firearm regulations
Annie Oakley - A Legend In The West
How many Americans own guns?
Who Invented the Cannon?
It's happening: Biden announces executive actions.
Who designed the Ruger?
"Americans vote with their wallets when it comes to firearm ownership"
Mikhail Kalashnikov inventor of the Russian Kalashnikov Rifle
The readers respond to the Background Checks Act.
Arthur Savage and the Lever Action Rifle
Do Universal Background Checks Work?
The oldest firearms manufacturer in the world today.
House passes two bills tightening firearm background checks
The colorful life of Gaston Glock.
Aero Precision leaps into the world of Pistol Caliber Carbines
Remington - A Real American Inventor
Biden threatening to go after Ghost Guns.
John Moses Browning - Pump Action Shotgun Designer
Biden calls for more gun law reforms
Smith & Wesson, the pair You Never Separate
More details about H.R. 127
Load on Sunday, shoot all week long, - Benjamin Tyler Henry and The Henry Rifle
New Gun Bill Would Require Public Registry of All Weapons
'One man [can] do as much battle duty as a hundred.' -Richard Gatling
Lawmakers push to loosen gun restrictions in several states
God created men. Colonel Colt made them equal.
Missouri bill aims to block federal gun law
Record gun sales driven by first time buyers and women
New gun legislation proposals for 2021.
2020 sets a new record for gun sales.
Authorities Raid 'Ghost Gun' Manufacturer
TSA penalizing more travelers for packing guns.
Gun ownership and marijuana
The largest growing demographic of gun owners.
Incoming congresswoman requests to carry a firearm in the Capitol.
Support for stricter gun laws in U.S. has fallen
Firearm feminism
A New Gun Subculture Is on the Rise
Americans have bought a record 17m guns in 2020
Nationwide run on ammo
Appeals Court Calls CA Gun Law Unconstitutional
ATF orders gunmaker to cease selling 'Honey Badgers'