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'Deadly Force' and other must-read books about guns and shooting.
Guns in the age of sail Part 2: The Ship of the Line
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What exactly will the proposed 'federal office of gun violence prevention' do?
American duelist Andrew Jackson
Guns in the great age of sail
New Mexico Gov. skirts the Second Amend. with 'emergency powers'.
The Deadliest Sniper Marine Corps History and Other Legends.
The historic arsenal of the United States
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Henry vs Winchester Part 2
New Illinois law allows gun makers to be sued.
The Glock 19 vs the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
Henry v. Winchester Leverguns
Illinois Supremes uphold assault weapons ban
From ACP to Trajectory: a of firearm terms.
Amusing Laws On The Books
Ghost gun restriction back on and remembering the North Hollywood shootout
Hand cannons, Washington's 'saddle' pistols and more amazing facts.
The Iconic AK-47: A Revolutionary History
What is the world's smallest gun?
Two Guns Are Better than One: Historic Revolver Pairs
Are You Ready To Smile? 10 Real Amusing Stories About Firearms.
Biden admin asks Supremes to block pause on ghost guns.
To 'promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.'
The Evolution of Firearms: From Flintlocks to Modern Firearms
Microstamping is the new gun control crusade among states
Assault rifles, assault weapons, and AR15s vs AK47s
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Firearm seizure orders from the FBI hits record rate
Do 3D Printed Guns really work?
Interview With 2-Time Medal of Honor Recipient General, Smedley Butler
Supremes to judge whether domestic restraining order gun ban is constitutional.
The gunman who supposedly killed 100 men.
An AI Interview With Legendary Gunslinger Doc Holiday!
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Amusing Firearms Facts And Little Known Trivia
Biden vows to veto House resolution to overturn new regulation
The key laws that affect your 2nd Amendment rights.
Famous Gun Accidents
CA Gov. Newsom wants constitutional amendment for gun safety
The bigger than life figure responsible for the famous 'Vendetta Ride'
Celebrities and Self-Defense
'Stand Your Ground' and 'make my day' laws; what you can and cannot do.
The First Modern War