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Saturday, February 21, 2014

Hello Music lovers,

Here’s a slight change of pace: rather than show you a musical piece of great talent and dedication, how about something that shows you exactly what NOT to do?

I found this video of the Star Spangled Banner being sung in the strangest ways. It’s no Roseanne Barr, but this is probably still the funniest rendition of our national anthem that I’ve ever heard! And don’t worry, someone took the liberty of subtitling this guy to make it even better.


Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Butchering the National Anthem
It might be okay to not know all the words, but this guy has some strange singing tendencies too.

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Last Week’s Video:
Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine
My recommendation is to crank up the volume on this one so you can hear the rich, soulful voice of Withers shine.

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