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Saturday, February 28, 2014

Hello Music lovers,

Since it’s my birthday today, I wanted to share a new favorite video featuring an homage to one of the all-time great bands. I actually don’t have a whole lot of time to write this one, I’m actually on my way to Las Vegas to celebrate! Well, to be honest, the reason I’m going is to attend the merchandise tradeshow going on, but it’s gonna be fun regardless! I get to pick out a bunch of fun products to sell on so can’t wait to share the new stuff!

The video today is of a percussion group of children playing a Led Zeppelin medley. It sounds great and love the arrangement of drums, cymbals, and marimbas. You’ll probably like it too!


Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Kids Rockin to Zeppelin
Watch the 2014-15 Louisville Leopard Percussionists rehearsing Kashmir, The Ocean, and Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. These Kids Rock!

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Last Week’s Video:
Butchering the National Anthem
It might be okay to not know all the words, but this guy has some strange singing tendencies too.

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