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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello Music lovers,

Bluegrass is a uniquely American music genre. but you’ll see plenty of fans all over the world. Like Finnish band, Steve’n’Seagulls. These guys got a great thing going - they dress in your typical bayou fashion, and from what I’ve seen in most of their videos, their accordion player always seems to drop by from outta nowhere.

Anyways, these guys come up with great bluegrass arrangements for some classic rock songs like ACDC’s Thunderstruck. Come on, you know you want to hear that opening lick on a banjo!


Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Steve’n’Seagulls - Thunderstruck Cover
ACDC sounds good no matter what you do, but how cool is it with a banjo and upright bass? This Finnish band knows what’s up.

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Last Week’s Video:
The Arcs - Outta My Mind
Here’s the first single from the new side project for Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach - it’s a great live rendition that sounds as good as the original!

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