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Just giving one more shout out to all of our amazing Dads
and Dad-figures out there and I hope you had a really nice

Now, with the upcoming 4th of July holiday the grilling
season is officially in high gear around here and everyone
from newbies to the pros want to jump on the bandwagon.
What is your method of choice gas or charcoal? I realize
what you PREFER and what you prefer and what you actually
use could be different due the mere convenience factor and
I personally love the taste of food cooked over charcoal
better but I mainly end up firing up the gas grill...
Hubby even has the electric smoker now so we can smoke
fish and meats anytime without any hassle. Works for me!

Today I share a recipe my brother-in-law is famous for
in our gang and crept up some years ago but people still
scratch their heads about. Yes you can grill a whole
chicken on top of a beer (or soda) can for a super moist
result. They even sell special grill racks that hold the
chicken upright over the beer can. Here's the recipe
made with a cajun seasoning and I tell you the chicken
comes out Soooooo tender and moist that this is a must
of you have a case of the dry bird syndrome. Use whatever
spice you want or even nothing at all.

Enjoy & stick around for more!
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1 3 1/2 to 4 pound chicken
1 12-ounce can of beer
4 teaspoons dry cajun seasoning (optional)

Using a bottle opener, make three more openings in the
top of the can. Empty 1/3 of the beer out to make it
only 2/3 full of liquid. Lightly oil the exterior of the
can with salad oil. Wash chicken inside and out and pat
dry with paper towels. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of dry cajun
seasoning (optional) into the cavity and two teaspoons
over the outside of the chicken. Put a little foil on the
tips of the leg bones to prevent blackening.

Set up gas or charcoal grill for indirect grilling.
For charcoal grills, mound briquettes into two piles on
opposite sides of grill. Light. Preheat only one side of
gas grill, at a temperature of 350 degrees.

Stand the beer can on an aluminum pie plate, piece of
aluminum foil, or special beer can chicken roasting pan.
Carefully ease the chicken onto the can, and spread
drumsticks away from the body to support the bird in a
tripod position. Add chicken, locating the bird between
the two piles of charcoal on charcoal grills, or on the
side away from heat on gas grills. Cover the grill and
barbeque chicken over indirect heat for about 1 1/2 - 2
hours, or until the breast meat reaches 165 degrees.
Remove chicken carefully, as there may be hot liquid
remaining in the can.

Yield: 4 Servings

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Even if you already know or think this is common sense
it doesn't hurt to be reminded about BBQ safety. These
are just a few suggestions to keep Fire Marshall Bill at

* Always read the owners manual before using your grill
and follow specific usages, assembly, and safety procedures.
Contact the grill manufacturer if you have specific questions
about the operation of your grill.

* Barbecue grills are designed for outdoor use only. Never
barbecue in your trailer, tent, house, garage, or any enclosed
area because carbon monoxide may accumulate and kill you.

* Set up grill in an open area away from buildings, dry
leaves or brush. Be sure to avoid high traffic areas and
always barbecue in a well-ventilated area. Be aware of the
wind blown sparks.

* When using a barbecue grill be sure all parts of the unit
are firmly in place and the grill is stable.

* Use long-handled barbecue utensils to avoid burns and
splatters. Wear clothing that does not have hanging shirt
tails, frills or apron strings, and use flame retardant
mitts when adjusting hot vents.

* To put out flare-ups, either raise the grid the food is
on, or spread the coals out, or adjust the controls to
lower the temperature. If you must douse the flames with a
light spritz of water, first remove the food from the grill.

* Use baking soda to control a grease fire and have a fire
extinguisher handy. A bucket of sand or a garden hose should
be near if you don't have a commercial extinguisher.

* Never leave a grill unattended once it is lit.

* Don't allow anyone to conduct any activities around the
grill when the grill is in use, or following its use. The
grill body is hot during the period of use and will remain
hot for a period of time following its use. Always use your
grill away from combustible surfaces.

* Never attempt to move a hot grill

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