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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Proverbs 27:4

Wrath is cruel and anger a torrent,
But who is able to stand before jealousy?

Greetings Bible Enthusiast!

The other day we talked about jealousy as seen in children's
lives, but of course, adults struggle with it in much the
same way. You can always find someone else who has a nicer
car, bigger house, better job. The opposite is true, also,
however. You will find others who have it off worse than
you, no matter how difficult your circumstances. Rather
than compare yourself to others, keep your focus on Christ
and the blessings in your life. When you look to others,
let it be through the eyes of compassion and love, not

God Bless You!

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Q. Yesterday we saw that Daniel did not want to eat the
king's delicacies, because he did not want to defile him-
self. Why was the chief of the eunuchs nervous to let
Daniel eat what he wanted?

Answer below.



Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings
instead of your own.

Harold Coffin



"Last night I dreamed you gave me $200 to spend on a Christ-
mas wardrobe," a wife said to her husband. Surely, you
wouldn't do anything to spoil that, would you?"

"Of course not," he replied. "Keep the $200."


Q. Why was the chief of the eunuchs nervous to let Daniel
eat what he wanted?

A. His face might begin to look worse than the young men
who were his age.

And the chief of the eunuchs said to Daniel, "I fear my
lord the king, who has appointed your food and drink. For
why should he see your faces looking worse than the young
men who are your age? Then you would endanger my head before
the king."

Daniel 1:10


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