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Where Are They Now - Friday, December 8, 2017

Hello fans,

Last month I watched the action flick, Navy Seals. It starred Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton, Dennis Haysbert and, today's featured Where Are They Now-er, Rick Rossovich.

The name may not seem familiar, but he certainly looks familiar. You might remember him from several '80s action movies like the Terminator and Top Gun. He's heavily featured in the infamous "volleyball" scene. I'm sure you can see him now.

Now, let's see what Rick Rossovich has been doing lately.

Take care,

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Alan Ladd: Starred in "The Blue Dahlia", "Shane", "The Carpetbaggers" and many other movies

Julie Hagerty: She co-starred as Elaine Dickinson in the movie "Airplane!"

Powers Boothe: He starred in the TV movie "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones" and appeared in the movies "Nixon" and "Red Dawn", among many other roles

(Answer at the bottom)


Rick Rossovich

Learn More About Rick Rossovich on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: August 28, 1957 in Palo Alto, California, USA

BIRTH NAME: Frederic Enrico Rossovich

CLAIM TO FAME: Rick Rossovich is an American actor best known as Ron "Slider" Kerner in the 1986 film Top Gun.

FAMILY LIFE: Rossovich has been married to his wife Eva since 1985. Together they have 2 children; Roy and Isabel.

INFO: Rick Rossovich is considered one of the nicest people to work with in the entertainment business.

He's a devoted family man. He and his wife Eva have two kids, Roy and Isabel.

For three months each year, the family lives at their home in Sweden, where Eva is from, so that the kids can have both sides of their parents' upbringing.

TRIVIA: His break-through role was the character 'Matt' in The Terminator (1984). He says to The Terminator, 'Don't make me bust you up, man!'.

Brother Tim Rossovich played professional football for the Philadelphia Eagles and has done some acting.

Worked with two famous women in country and western music. He was Reba McEntire's co-star in The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1991), and in a music video with Lorrie Morgan (as her husband), for the song "Watch Me" (1996).

Is of Croatian/Italian descent, Moscenicka Draga is home of his paternal great-great grandfather. Maternal ancestry is Italian.

Has appeared in six films with Bill Paxton, one more than Michael Biehn did.

Children: Roy Rossovich (b. 1986) and Isabel Rossovich (b. 1991).

WHERE IS HE NOW: Rossovich is currently working on the adventure film 'Where the Streets Have No Name', which is in pre-production.


2016 A Beautiful Day (Short)...Jack

2012 Sandbar...Ronnie McCubbing

2003 Artworks...Bret Rogers

2000 Miracle in Lane 2 (TV Movie)...Myron Yoder

2000 Chicken Soup for the Soul (TV Series)...Don Yaeger
- Footprints on My Heart/Legacy/Elopement

1999 Killer Deal (TV Movie)...Sgt. James 'Jimmy' Quinn

1998 Telling You...McQueeney (uncredited)

1998 Mike Hammer, Private Eye (TV Series)...Henry Spencer
- A New Leaf: Part 2

1996-1998 Pacific Blue (TV Series)...Lt. Anthony Palermo (57 episodes)

1997 Legend of the Lost Tomb (TV Movie)...Dr. Eric Leonhardt

1997 Truth or Consequences, N.M. ...Robert Boylan

1997 Blue Heat: The Case of the Cover Girl Murders (Video Game)...Sgt. Bobby Colter

1996 Black Scorpion II: Aftershock...Construction Foreman

1996 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)...Steve Gantry
- Race to Death

1995 Cover Me...Sgt. Bobby Colter

1995 Black Scorpion...Walker

1994-1995 ER (TV Series)...Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Everything Old Is New Again (1995) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Love Among the Ruins (1995) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Full Moon, Saturday Night (1995) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- The Birthday Party (1995) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Long Day's Journey (1995) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- The Gift (1994) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- ER Confidential (1994) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Another Perfect Day (1994) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Chicago Heat (1994) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Hit and Run (1994) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri
- Going Home (1994) ... Dr. John 'Tag' Taglieri

1995 Due South (TV Series)...Mark Smithbauer
- The Blue Line

1994 Touched by an Angel (TV Series)...Marshall
- Fallen Angela

1994 New Crime City...Anthony Ricks

1994 Future Shock...Frat Boy

1993 Tropical Heat...Gravis

1993 Mad About You (TV Series)...Sherman Williams
- The Painter

1993 The Evil Inside Me...Daniel

1992 Tequila and Bonetti (TV Series)...T.T. Boner
- Tequila and Boner

1991 The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (TV Movie)...Ethan Cassidy

1991 Sons and Daughters (TV Series)...Spud Lincoln
- Deep Throat (1991) ... Spud Lincoln
- The Thing (1991) ... Spud Lincoln
- Melanie (1991) ... Spud Lincoln
- Throw Mama from the Terrain (1991) ... Spud Lincoln
- Dating Game (1991) ... Spud Lincoln
- Crime and Punishment (1991) ... Spud Lincoln
- Where's Poppa? (1991) ... Spud Lincoln

1990 Navy Seals...Leary

1990 Tales from the Crypt (TV Series)...Hans / Younger Carlton Webster
- The Switch

1989 Paint It Black...Jonathan Dunbar

1989 The Roommate (Short)

1988 Spellbinder...Derek Clayton

1988 Cognac...Bogoljub / Prior Nikamia

1988 14 Going on 30 (TV Movie)...Roy 'Jackjaw' Kelton

1987 Roxanne...Chris

1986 The Morning After...Detective

1986 Let's Get Harry...Kurt Klein

1986 Top Gun...Slider

1985 Warning Sign...Bob

1985 MacGruder and Loud (TV Series)...Officer Geller
- The Price of Junk

1984 The Terminator...Matt Buchanan

1984 Single Bars, Single Women (TV Movie)...Dolph

1984 Streets of Fire...Officer Cooley

1983 Losin' It...Marine

1983 Deadly Lessons (TV Movie)...Craig

1983 The Lords of Discipline...Dante 'Pig' Pignetti

1981 Eight Is Enough (TV Series)...Fred
- If the Glass Slipper Fits

1981 B.J. and the Bear (TV Series)...Football Player
- Beauties and the Beasts

1978-1980 Fantasy Island (TV Series)...Ozzie / Boris Smolensk / Abdul
- Eagleman/Children of Mentu (1980) ... Ozzie (uncredited)
- Baby/Marathon: Battle of the Sexes (1979) ... Boris Smolensk (uncredited)
- King for a Day/Instant Family (1978) ... Abdul (uncredited)

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Alan Ladd - DEAD (Drug Overdose)
Born: 09/03/1913 Died: 01/29/1964

Julie Hagerty - ALIVE
Born: 06/15/1955

Powers Boothe - DEAD (Cardiac Arrest)
Born: 06/01/1948 Died: 05/14/2017



Johnny Hallyday, 74, French rock singer ("Requiem pour un fou", "Marie", "Tous ensemble"), cancer.

Steve Elmore, 84, American actor (Company, Dames at Sea, 42nd Street).
Victor Fontana (pt), 101, Brazilian politician, Vice-Governor of Santa Catarina (1983-1987).
Henning Jensen, 68, Danish footballer (Borussia M'gladbach, Real Madrid, national team).
Ron Meyer, 76, American football coach (New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts).
Michael I of Romania, 96, Romanian royal, King (1927-1930, 1940-1947), complications from leukemia.
Jean d'Ormesson, 92, French writer, columnist, reporter and philosopher.
Meic Povey, 67, Welsh actor and playwright (Pobol y Cwm), cancer.

Mary Louise Hancock, 97, American politician, member of the New Hampshire Senate (1977-1979).
Alexander Harvey II, 94, American federal judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland (1966-1991), prostate cancer.
Jimmy Hood, 69, British politician, MP for Clydesdale (1987-2005) and Lanark and Hamilton East (2005-2015).
Shashi Kapoor, 79, Indian actor and director (Deewaar, Bombay Talkie, Shakespeare Wallah).
Christine Keeler, 75, English model and showgirl involved in Profumo affair, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Manuel Marín, 68, Spanish politician, President of the European Commission (1999) and the Congress of Deputies (2004-2008), lung cancer.
Purabi Mukhopadhyay, 83, Indian singer.
Gregory Rigters, 32, Surinamese footballer (national team), traffic collision.
Ali Abdullah Saleh, 75, Yemeni politician, President of North Yemen (1978-1990) and President (1990-2012), shot.
Carles Santos, 77, Spanish pianist and composer.
John Baptist Todd, 96, Pakistani Franciscan priest.
Rudolph G. Wilson, 82, American professor, storyteller, writer and public speaker.

John B. Anderson, 95, American lawyer (Anderson v. Celebrezze) and politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Illinois's 16th district (1961-1981).
Ivan Chermayeff, 85, American logo designer (Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv).
Kalachand Darbesh, 84, Indian singer.
Elmar Faber, 83, German publisher.
Thomas Finlay, 95, Irish judge and politician, TD (1954-1957), Chief Justice (1985-1994).
Ernest A. Finney Jr., 86, American judge, Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court (1994-2000).
Fil Fraser, 85, Canadian broadcaster and journalist.
Patrick Henry, 64, French murderer, lung cancer.
Kjell Opseth, 81, Norwegian politician, Minister of Transport and Communications (1990-1996).
Kazimierz Pawelek (pl), 81, Polish politician, journalist and writer.
Cherry Taketani (pt), 52, Brazilian singer and guitarist, cancer.
Ian Twitchin, 65, English footballer (Torquay United).
Carmen Mayrink Veiga (pt), 88, Brazilian socialite.
Basclay Zapata (es), 71, Chilean military officer.

Jean Barthe, 85, French rugby league and rugby union (FC Lourdes) player.
William Blankenship, 89, American operatic tenor.
Lowell Hawthorne, 57, Jamaican-born American entrepreneur (Golden Krust), suicide by gunshot.
Norihiko Hashida, 72, Japanese folk singer-songwriter (The Folk Crusaders).
Rizali Khajavi (fa), 86, Iranian national hero who prevented a train crash, lung disease.
Jerzy Kloczowski, 92, Polish historian, professor (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) and member of the Senate (1990-1991).
Ulli Lommel, 72, German actor and director (The Boogeyman), heart failure.
Mundell Lowe, 95, American jazz guitarist and composer.
Marianne Means, 83, American political journalist and columnist, complications from colon cancer.
Edwin Mosquera, 32, Colombian weightlifter, Pan American champion (2008, 2010), shot.
Maureen Prinsloo, 79, Canadian politician, Chairwoman of the Toronto Police Services Board (1995-1998), brain cancer.
Iva Ritschelová (cs), 53, Czech economist and academic, president of the Czech Statistical Office.
Mekkawi Said, 61, Egyptian novelist and short story writer.
Ewald Schurer, 63, German politician, member of the Bundestag (1998-2002, since 2005).
Nava Semel, 63, Israeli author and playwright, cancer.
Nikola Špear, 73, Yugoslav tennis player and coach.

Taher Ahmadzadeh, 96, Iranian politician, Governor of Khorasan Province (1979).
Adarsh Sein Anand, 81, Indian judge, Chief Justice (1998-2001), Madras High Court (1989-1992), and Jammu and Kashmir High Court (1985-1989).
Enrico Castellani, 87, Italian painter.
Gilbert Chabroux, 83, French politician, Senator (1995-2004).
Arif Dirlik, 77, Turkish-born American historian.
Åshild Hauan, 76, Norwegian politician, MP (1981-1993).
Ken Inglis, 88, Australian historian.
Hans Kaldoja (et), 75, Estonian actor.
Philipp Graf Lerchenfeld, 65, German politician, member of the Bundestag (2013-2017) and the Landtag of Bavaria (2003-2013), lung cancer.
Maelé (es), 59, Equatorial Guinean singer.
Omar Manap, 85, Malaysian badminton player (national team), Thomas Cup winner (1967).
James Marson (fr), 91, French politician.
Gowdagere Nagappa, 93, Indian politician.
Ruben Rozendaal, 61, Surinamese soldier (1980 coup d'état).
Fredy Schmidtke, 56, German track cyclist, Olympic champion (1984), heart attack.
Abba Siddick, 92, Chadian politician and revolutionary.
Cleopatra Tawo, Nigerian radio host.
Uli Vos, 71, German field hockey player, Olympic champion (1972).
Perry Wallace, 69, American basketball player (Vanderbilt University) and jurist.
Les Whitten, 89, American investigative reporter (Radio Free Europe, The Washington Post).

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