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I think we all know Ken Osmond as the trouble-making Eddie Haskell on the classic TV sitcom Leave It to Beaver. But, do you know what Osmond's career was after child acting? Keep on reading to find out!

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Ken Osmond

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BIRTH DATE: June 7, 1943, Glendale, California

CLAIM TO FAME: He is best known for playing Eddie Haskell on the TV series Leave It to Beaver.

FAMILY LIFE: He has been married to his wife Sandy Purdy since 1969. They have two sons, Eric Osmond (born October 8, 1971) and Christian Osmond (born June 12, 1974).

INFO: Osmond and his brother Dayton made their film debuts in the Mayflower pilgrim tale Plymouth Adventure (1952) starring Spencer Tracy. Osmond won a few small film roles and appeared on some popular shows including Circus Boy, Annie Oakley, and Lassie.

When he was 14, he landed the role of Eddie Haskell on Leave It to Beaver. After his child acting career, Osmond joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1970, and ended up serving 18 years as an officer. Eventually, he had to retire after being hit by three bullets during a chase with a suspected car thief.

He later reprised his role as Eddie Haskell in 1983 for the CBS made-for-television movie Still the Beaver. The movie was such a hit that it led to the comedy series The New Leave It to Beaver, which ran for four seasons from 1984 to 1989. Osmond played Eddie Haskell, Sr. on the series, and his character's two sons were played by Osmond's real-life sons, Eric and Christian.

Osmond made appearances on television shows like Happy Days, and the television movie High School U.S.A. Osmond continued to reprise his role as Eddie Haskell on shows such as Parker Lewis Can't Lose, and Hi Honey, I'm Home!, and in the 1997 feature film Leave It to Beaver.

TRIVIA: Is a member of the American Legion.

Grew a mustache to help secure his anonymity when he was a cop.

Adult film actor John Holmes billed himself under the name Eddie Haskell a few times, leading rumors to start that Osmond had become a porn star. Osmond launched a $25 million law suit, but the court ruled for Holmes saying that the name was protected as a satire.

WHERE IS HE NOW: After The Leave It to Beaver film, it seems that Osmond quit his acting career. Nowadays, he occasionally makes appearances at film festivals, collectors' shows and nostalgia conventions. He also handles rental properties in the Los Angeles area.

1997 Leave It to Beaver...Edward 'Eddie' Haskell Sr.

1992 Top Cops (TV series)
Ken Osmond/Gerald Petievich (1992)

1992 Hi Honey, I'm Home (TV series)...Eddie Haskell
Take My Son Please

1991 Parker Lewis (TV series)...Eddie Haskell
Father Knows Less

1991 Dead Women in Lingerie...David

1983-1989 The New Leave It to Beaver (TV series)...Eddie Haskell

1987 Rags to Riches (TV series)...Skip
Business Is Business

1984 High School U.S.A. (TV movie)...Baxter Franklin

1983 Happy Days (TV series)...Freddie Bascomb
Vocational Education

1983 High School U.S.A. (TV movie)...Baxter Franklin

1983 Still the Beaver (TV movie)...Eddie Haskell

1968 With Six You Get Eggroll...Duke (uncredited)

1967 C'mon, Let's Live a Little...The Beard

1955-1967 Lassie (TV series)...Delivery Boy / Motorcyclist / Ralph
A Matter of Seconds
The Cub Scout
The Rival

1966 The Munsters (TV series)...John
Herman's Sorority Caper

1964 Petticoat Junction (TV series)...Harold Boggs
The Genghis Keane Story

1957-1963 Leave It to Beaver (TV series)...Edward 'Eddie' Haskell

1958 Wagon Train (TV series)...Jenkins Boy
The Mary Ellen Thomas Story

1957 The Jack Benny Program (TV series)...Newspaper Boy
John Forsythe Show

1957 Colt .45 (TV series)...Tommy
Gallows at Granite Gap

1957 Telephone Time (TV series)...Charlie Sharp
Under Seventeen

1957 The Walter Winchell File (TV series)...Joel Marisch
Thou Shalt Not Kill

1957 The Loretta Young Show (TV series)...Peter
The Countess

1957 Circus Boy (TV series)...Skinny
Corky's Big Parade

1957 Official Detective (TV series)...Henry
The Deserted House

1956 Everything But the Truth...Oren Cunningham (uncredited)

1956 Annie Oakley (TV series)...Scotty
Sugarfoot Sue

1956 Fury (TV series)...Johnny
Search for Joey

1955 Good Morning, Miss Dove...Thomas 'Tommy' Baker - Age 9 (uncredited)

1955 Screen Directors Playhouse (TV series)...Raglund Boy
The Final Tribute

1953 So Big...Eugene - Age 9 (uncredited)

1952 Plymouth Adventure...Child extra (uncredited)

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

David Ogden Stiers - ALIVE
Born: 10/31/1942

Anna Maria Horsford - ALIVE
Born: 03/06/1948

Michael Medved - ALIVE
Born: 10/03/1948


Naoki Matsuda, 34, Japanese footballer, suspected heart

Rudolf Brazda, 98, German concentration camp prisoner, last known survivor of homosexual deportation.
Antonio M. Diaz, 83, Filipino politician, Representative from Zambales (1969â??1972, 1992â??2001, 2004â??2011).
Nicholas Kachurin, 51, Russian magazine editor (Top Gear).
Ingrid Luterkort, 101, Swedish actress.
Simona Monyova, 44, Czech writer, stabbed.
Nikolay Petrov, 68, Russian pianist, People's Artist of the
USSR, stroke.
Bubba Smith, 66, American football player (Baltimore Colts)
and actor (Police Academy).
Mohsen Koochebaghi Tabrizi, 87, Iranian Shi'ite marja, heart attack.
Allan Watkins, 89, Welsh cricketer, after short illness.
Oleh Yemtsev, 59, Ukrainian clown, after long illness.

Leslie Esdaile Banks, 51, American author (The Vampire Huntress Legend Series), adrenal cancer.
Baruj Benacerraf, 90, Venezuelan-born American immunologist,
Nobel laureate (1980).
Ralph Berkowitz, 100, American composer.
DeLois Barrett Campbell, 85, American gospel singer (The Barrett Sisters).
Vittorio Citterich, 81, Italian journalist and news anchor.
Joseph Sanchis Degree, 79, Spanish comic book artist.
Asadullo Gulomov, 58, Tajik politician, Deputy Prime Minister (2006).
Andrey Kapitsa, 80, Russian geographer who discovered and named Lake Vostok.
Nikolay Kutuzov, 85, Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR.
Clarence E. Miller, 93, American politician, U.S. Representative from Ohio (1967â??1993), pneumonia.
Larry Moyer, 60, American ARCA stock car racer, after long illness.
Attilio Pavesi, 100, Italian Olympic cyclist, oldest living Olympic champion.
Richard Pearson, 93, Welsh actor.
Italo Rossi, 80, Brazilian actor.
James Ford Seale, 75, American murderer, Ku Klux Klan member.
William Sleator, 66, American author.

Victor Aniskin, 65, Russian journalist.
Stan Barstow, 83, English novelist.
Gerard Buisman, 59, Dutch troubadour.
Florentina Gómez Miranda, 99, Argentine lawyer and women's rights activist.
Gamini Goonesena, 80, Sri Lankan cricketer.
Ivan Mesquita, 79, Brazilian actor.
Chieko N. Okazaki, 84, American Mormon women's leader, heart failure.
Zhanna Prokhorenko, 71, Russian film actress (Ballad of a Soldier).
Harald Stender, 86, German footballer.

Eliseo Alberto, 59, Cuban-born Mexican writer, complications from a kidney transplant.
Rick Buckley, 74, American radio executive (WOR (AM)), brain embolism.
Clyde Holding, 80, Australian politician, federal minister (1984â??1990).
John Hoyland, 76, English abstract painter, complications following heart surgery.
Andrea Pazzagli, 51, Italian footballer (A.C. Milan), stroke.
Ruth Perelman, 90, American philanthropist.
Joseph Albert Rosario, 96, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Amravati (1955â??1995).
Ljubisa Stojanovic, 59, Serbian singer, car accident.

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