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. . . . . . . . Where Are They Now? . . . . . . . . [*EMAIL*] Hello fans, Where is David Soul of Starsky and Hutch fame these days? Well, one thing I can tell you is that he isn't living in the United States anymore. If you're wondering where he went and what he is doing now, you better keep on reading! Take care, Melissa Victory At Sea - 26 Original Episodes, Digitally Restored... $9.99... View Past Issues: ---- --DEAD OR ALIVE? See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper": --Brigitte Bardot: French bombshell actress from the 1960s, starred in "And God Created Woman" --Ken Howard: Starred in the TV series "The White Shadow" --John Amos: Played Pa on the TV series "Good Times", played Kunta Kinte in the sequel to the TV mini-series "Roots" (Answer at the bottom) * DAVID SOUL BIRTH DATE: August 28, 1943, Chicago, Illinois CLAIM TO FAME: He is best known for his role as Detective Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson in the television program Starsky and Hutch (1975-1979). FAMILY LIFE: Soul has been married four times and has five sons and a daughter. INFO: Soul first entered the public eye when he made several appearances on The Merv Griffin Show in 1967 as the mysterious "Covered Man." Although on the program he told the audience he wanted to be known for his music, he made his film debut the same year in The Secret Sharer. He made television appearances on the shows Here Come the Brides and Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law before winning the role that would gain him superstar status. Portraying Detective Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson on Starsky and Hutch from 1975-79, Soul found the success he needed to pursue other roles, as well as follow his ambition to be a singer/songwriter. He went on to make several guest appearances on popular shows such as I Dream of Jeannie, McMillan & Wife, Cannon, Gunsmoke, All in the Family, Star Trek, The Streets of San Francisco and the TV miniseries World War III. On the big screen, he had roles in the 1971 film Johnny Got His Gun and as a vigilante cop in Magnum Force (1973) alongside Clint Eastwood. During the mid 1970s, he released several hits as a pop singer, including Don't Give Up On Us, Going In With My Eyes Open; Silver Lady; Let's Have A Quiet Night In and It Sure Brings Out The Love In Your Eyes. He also had four top 10 singles and two top 10 albums in the UK around this time. His career dwindled somewhat during the 1980s, with him only making some small appearances on television and in film. He starred in the television adaptation of Ken Follett's wartime drama The Key to Rebecca (1985), and as the infamous Florida robber Michael Platt in the TV film In the Line of Duty: The FBI Murders (1988). Continued below.... * TRIVIA: His mother was a singer and his father, Dr. Richard Solberg, was a Lutheran minister and educator. His brother, Daniel Solberg, is a well known Lutheran minister and social activist. Is a big fan of English football (soccer). Is an avid skier, tennis player and loves to go "exploring" with his children. Fluent in both German and Spanish. Is of Norwegian descent. WHERE IS HE NOW: Soul moved to London in the 1990s to find a new beginning on the West End stage. He officially became a British citizen in 2004, although he kept his U.S. citizenship. That same year, he took over the title role in the multi award-winning hit Jerry Springer - The Opera (West End). In 2005-06, he played the role of the Silent Movie pioneer Mack Sennett in John Doyle's production of Mack and Mabel. He also appeared on the stage in Ireland for the plays The Exonerated (2006) (Dublin Festival) and Love Letters (2008) with Jerry Hall (Dublin). He recently participated as a contestant on the BBC's Maestro series where he experienced a crash course in the art of conducting. His voice can also be heard on BBC Radio 4, where he has read for a number of plays and short stories. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Video Clips of David Soul Salem's Lot - 1979 Trailer * CREDITS: Eldorado (2010) .... Meat Farewell (2009) .... Hutton That Deadwood Feeling (2009) (V) .... Larry Old Dog (2006) .... Chaney Gray/Sal Puritan (2005) .... Eric Bridges Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005) (TV) .... Jerry Springer "Agatha Christie: Poirot" .... 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Heinrich Müller "Le juge est une femme" .... Jerome Keaton (1 episode, 1994) - Danse avec la mort (1994) TV episode .... Jerome Keaton "¿Qué apostamos?" (1 episode, 1993) - Episode dated 25 May 1993 (1993) TV episode "Murder, She Wrote" .... Jordan Barnett / ... (2 episodes, 1991-1993) - Threshold of Fear (1993) TV episode .... Jordan Barnett - A Killing in Vegas (1991) TV episode .... Wes McSorley "Jake and the Fatman" .... Dashiell Jaimeson / ... (2 episodes, 1988-1992) - All Through the Night (1992) TV episode .... Dashiell Jaimeson - How Long Has This Been Going On? (1988) TV episode .... Nelson Boardman Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive (1992) (TV) .... Sam Haney Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing (1992) (TV) .... Truman York Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (1991) (TV) .... Terry Anderson The Bride in Black (1990) (TV) .... Owen Malloy/John McGuire In the Cold of the Night (1990) .... Dr. Frieberg "The Young Riders" .... The Hawk (2 episodes, 1990) - Gathering Clouds: Part 2 (1990) TV episode .... The Hawk - Gathering Clouds: Part 1 (1990) TV episode .... The Hawk So Proudly We Hail (1990) (TV) .... Alden Ernst Tides of War (1990) .... Martin Henkle Prime Target (1989) (TV) .... Armetage "The Hitchhiker" (1 episode, 1989) - Renaissance (1989) TV episode "Unsub" .... John Westley "Westy" Grayson (8 episodes, 1989) "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" .... Michael Dennison (1 episode, 1989) - Don't Sell Yourself Short (1989) TV episode .... Michael Dennison In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (1988) (TV) .... Michael "Mike" Lee Platt Appointment with Death (1988) .... Jefferson Cope "The Secret of the Sahara" (1988) TV mini-series .... Lieutenant Ryker "Crime Story" .... Dr. Newhouse (1 episode, 1987) - Blast from the Past (1987) TV episode .... Dr. Newhouse Harry's Hong Kong (1987) (TV) .... Harry Petros The Hanoi Hilton (1987) .... Oldham The Fifth Missile (1986) (TV) .... Capt. Kevin Harris The Key to Rebecca (1985) (TV) .... Alex Wolff "Partners in Crime" .... Harry (1 episode, 1984) - The Hottest Guy in Town (1984) TV episode .... Harry "The Yellow Rose" .... Roy Champion (22 episodes, 1983-1984) Through Naked Eyes (1983) (TV) .... William Parrish "Casablanca" .... Rick Blaine (5 episodes, 1983) - Divorce Casablanca Style (1983) TV episode .... Rick Blaine - The Cashier and the Belly Dancer (1983) TV episode .... Rick Blaine - Jenny (1983) TV episode .... Rick Blaine - Master Builder's Woman (1983) TV episode .... Rick Blaine - Who Am I Killing (1983) TV episode .... Rick Blaine World War III (1982) (TV) .... Col. Jake Caffey "The Manions of America" (1981) TV mini-series .... Caleb Staunton Homeward Bound (1980) (TV) .... Jake Seaton Rage! (1980) (TV) .... Cal Morrisey Swan Song (1980) (TV) .... Jesse Swan Salem's Lot (1979) (TV) .... Ben Mears "Starsky and Hutch" .... Det. Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson / ... (82 episodes, 1975-1979) Little Ladies of the Night (1977) (TV) .... Lyle York The Stick-Up (1977) .... Duke Turnbeau "Gunsmoke" .... Ike Hockett (1 episode, 1975) - Brides and Grooms (1975) TV episode .... Ike Hockett Dogpound Shuffle (1975) .... Pritt "Medical Center" .... Walter (1 episode, 1974) - Kiss and Kill (1974) TV episode .... Walter "McMillan & Wife" .... Jerry (1 episode, 1974) - Guilt by Association (1974) TV episode .... Jerry "The Rookies" .... Johnny Dane (1 episode, 1974) - A Test of Courage (1974) TV episode .... Johnny Dane "Cannon" .... Sean / ... (2 episodes, 1973-1974) - Lady in Red (1974) TV episode .... Udo Giesen - Death of a Stone Seahorse (1973) TV episode .... Sean The Disappearance of Flight 412 (1974) (TV) .... Captain Roy Bishop Magnum Force (1973) .... Officer John Davis "Circle of Fear" .... James Barlow (1 episode, 1973) - The Phantom of Herald Square (1973) TV episode .... James Barlow Intertect (1973) (TV) .... Curt Lowens "Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law" .... Doug / ... (2 episodes, 1971-1974) - Love Child (1972) TV episode .... Doug - Eulogy for a Wide Receiver (1971) TV episode .... Pete "The Streets of San Francisco" .... Inspector James 'Jim' Martin, SFPD (1 episode, 1972) - Hall of Mirrors (1972) TV episode .... Inspector James 'Jim' Martin, SFPD "The F.B.I." .... Clifford Wade (1 episode, 1972) - The Runner (1972) TV episode .... Clifford Wade Movin' On (1972) (TV) .... Jeff "All in the Family" .... Szabo Daborba (1 episode, 1971) - Gloria Poses in the Nude (1971) TV episode .... Szabo Daborba Johnny Got His Gun (1971) .... Swede "Ironside" .... Member of 'The Predators' (1 episode, 1971) - Lesson in Terror (1971) TV episode .... Member of 'The Predators' "Dan August" .... Lawrence Merrill III (1 episode, 1971) - The Manufactured Man (1971) TV episode .... Lawrence Merrill III "The Young Rebels" .... John Marshall (1 episode, 1970) - The Age of Independence (1970) TV episode .... John Marshall "Here Come the Brides" .... Joshua Bolt (52 episodes, 1968-1970) "Star Trek" .... Makora (1 episode, 1967) - The Apple (1967) TV episode .... Makora "I Dream of Jeannie" .... Orderly (1 episode, 1967) - My Master the Weakling (1967) TV episode .... Orderly "Flipper" .... Dennis Blake (1 episode, 1967) - The Firing Line: Part 1 (1967) TV episode .... Dennis Blake The Secret Sharer (1967) To see Then & Now pictures of David Soul, visit: * --Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE Brigitte Bardo - ALIVE Born: 06/01/1926 Ken Howard - ALIVE Born: 03/28/1944 John Amos - ALIVE Born: 12/27/38 * WHO PASSED ON THIS WEEK... 9/2 -Shmuel Eisenstadt, 86, Israeli sociologist. 9/1 -Wakanohana Kanji I, 82, Japanese sumo wrestler, kidney cancer. -Cammie King, 76, American actress (Gone with the Wind). -Jean Nelissen, 74, Dutch cycling journalist. -Ken Orsatti, 78, American director of the Screen Actors Guild (1981?2000), pulmonary disease. 8/31 -Vance Bourjaily, 87, American novelist. -Owen Edwards, 76, British television executive, Director of BBC Wales (1974?1981). -Laurent Fignon, 50, French road bicycle racer, winner of 1983 and 1984 Tour de France, cancer. -Karin Elly Hansen, 109, Danish centenarian, oldest person in Denmark. -Mick Lally, 64, Irish actor (Glenroe). -Andreas E. Miaoulis, 73, Greek commissioner of the Hellenic Basketball Federation, cancer. -Irvin Rockman, Australian politician and businessman, Lord Mayor of Melbourne (1977?1979). -Amador Schüller, 89, Spanish doctor and professor, Honorary President of Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences. -Fotis Serafidis, 52, Greek member of the Hellenic Basketball Federation, cardiac arrest. -Vladimir Shkodrov, 80, Bulgarian astronomer, politician, professor and rector. 8/30 -Marat Abdulin, 39, Kazakh politician, Mayor of Ereymentau, apparent suicide by hanging. -J. C. Bailey, 27, American professional wrestler. -Dejene Berhanu, 29, Ethiopian runner. -Franklin Brito, 49, Venezuelan agricultural producer and protestor, hunger strike. -Alain Corneau, 67, French filmmaker, cancer. -Henryk Czapczyk, 88, Polish footballer. -Patrick Dougherty, 78, Australian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Bathurst (1983?2008). -Lakshman Jayakody, 80, Sri Lankan politician, Minister of Buddhist Affairs (1994?2000), after short illness. -Victoria Longley, 49, Australian actress, breast cancer. -Nicholas Lyell, Baron Lyell of Markyate, 71, British politician, MP (1979?2001), Solicitor General (1987?1992), Attorney General (1992?1997) and life peer, cancer. -Jim MacLaren, 47, American triathlete. -Jairo Aníbal Niño, 69, Colombian writer, poet and play- wright. -Mikhail Sado, 76, Russian Assyrian dissident, politician and scholar. -Philip Tisson, 24, Saint Lucian footballer, shot. -Lynn Turner, 42, American murderer. -Francisco Varallo, 100, Argentine footballer, last surviving participant in the 1930 FIFA World Cup. ***********************************************************

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