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Where Are They Now - Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello fans,

Ever wonder what happened to actress Connie Sellecca? She is known for being on both The Greatest American Hero and Hotel. She's also known for being married to John Tesh. Where has she been in recent years? Let's find out...

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Minnie Riperton: Sang the hit song "Lovin' You", known for her vocal range

Barbara Bain: Played agent Cinnamon Carter in the TV series "Mission: Impossible", also starred in the series "Space: 1999"

Little Eva: Singer popular in the early 1960s, her most famous hit was the song "The Loco-motion"

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Connie Sellecca

Learn More About Connie Sellecca on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: May 25, 1955 in The Bronx, New York

BIRTH NAME: Concetta Sellecchia

CLAIM TO FAME: Depending on your age you will probably know Connie from the TV series 'The Greatest American Hero' or 'Hotel.' For others, she's probably most known as the wife of John Tesh.

FAMILY LIFE: John Tesh (April 1992-present) 1 child
Gil Gerard (1979-1987) (divorced) 1 child

She has two children: son, Gib, with ex-husband, Gil Gerard and daughter, Prima, with husband John Tesh. Prima, who was born in 1994, was named for Connie's late father, Primo Sellecchia.

INFO: Born in the Bronx, Connie moved with her family to the upstate New York town of Pomona at age 12. She became involved in student productions at Ramapo High School and with the encouragement of her speech teacher, she withdrew from Boston College, signed with a New York agent and pursued an acting career.

After moving into a "one bedroom/ one bathroom/ one closet apartment with four girls," Connie quickly garnered top fashion and commercial assignments in New York and in Europe to support her acting studies. Her very first screen test won her first starring role in ABC's "The Bermuda Depths," with Burl Ives and Carl Weathers.

TRIVIA: She's a former lingerie and fashion model.

Prior to her second marriage to John Tesh, they had a traditional courtship, no sex or living together until their wedding night and dated seriously for 2 years.

When she was younger she was fond of playing bizarre practical jokes, usually involving faking her own suicide or death. Reportedly, then-husband Gil Gerard, got so used to coming home and finding her lying in a pool of fake blood, he developed a critiquing system for her.

Is a spokesperson for MADD's Project Red Ribbon campaign against drunk driving.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: She has become well known in the skin care products arena. She is co-creator of the "Sellecca Solution" skin care products and works very hard at promoting them and has turned it into a very successful business.

She also is active in charities and is a born-again Christian.

Sellecca had a role in the 2009 film The Wild Stallion. She appeared in the 2012 TV movie All About Christmas Eve as Elizabeth Cole, and on a 2015 episode of the TV series Intelligence For Your Life.



2015 Intelligence for Your Life (TV Series)
- Episode #1.54 (2015)

2012 All About Christmas Eve (TV Movie)...Elizabeth Cole

2009 The Wild Stallion...Matty

2002 Anna's Dream (TV movie)...Leslie Morgan

2002 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus...Stephanie Carver

1999 Dangerous Waters (TV movie)...Sarah

1998 Punch Drunk (short)

1997 Doomsday Rock (TV movie)...Katherine

1997 Something Borrowed, Something Blue (TV movie)...Monique D'Arcy

1997 While My Pretty One Sleeps (TV movie)...Neeve Kearny

1995 A Holiday to Remember (TV movie)...Carolyn Giblin

1995 The Surrogate (TV movie)...Joan Quinn

1995 A Dangerous Affair (TV movie)...Sharon Blake

1993-1994 Second Chances (TV series)...Dianne Benedict

1994 She Led Two Lives (TV movie)...Rebecca Madison

1993 Passport to Murder (TV movie)...Helen Hollander

1992 A House of Secrets and Lies (TV movie)...Susan

1992 Eye of the Storm...Patricia 'Pete' Peterson

1991-1992 P.S.I. Luv U (TV series)...Dani Powell / Wanda Talbert / Virginia Hill

1990 Mulberry Street (TV movie)...Connie Savoia

1990 People Like Us (TV movie)...Ruby Nolte Renthall

1990 Miracle Landing (TV movie)...Mimi Tompkins

1989 Turn Back the Clock (TV movie)...Stephanie Powers

1989 Brotherhood of the Rose (TV movie)...Erika Bernstein

1983-1988 Hotel (TV series)...Christine Francis

1987 Downpayment on Murder (TV movie)...Karen Cardell

1987 The Last Fling (TV movie)...Gloria Franklin

1981-1986 The Greatest American Hero (TV series)...Pam Davidson / Pam Davidson Hinkley

1985 International Airport (TV movie)...Dana Fredricks

1984 Finder of Lost Loves (TV series)...Sara Hawthorne Nevins
Goodbye, Sara (1984) ? Sara Hawthorne Nevins (as Connie Selleca)

1980 Beyond Westworld (TV series)...Pamela Williams

1979 She's Dressed to Kill (TV movie)...Alix Goldman

1979 Captain America II: Death Too Soon (TV movie)...Dr. Wendy Day

1978-1979 Flying High (TV series)...Lisa Benton

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Minnie Riperton - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 11/08/1947 Died: 07/12/1979

Barbara Bain - ALIVE
Born: 09/13/1931

Little Eva - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 06/29/1943 Died: 04/10/2003



Bob Appleyard, 90, English cricketer (Yorkshire and England).
Antonio Dorado Soto, 83, Spanish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Guadix (1970-1973), Cádiz y Ceuta (1973-1993) and Malaga (1993-2008).
Alan Richardson, 74, Australian VFL footballer (Richmond, South Melbourne).

Bruce Crump, 57, American rock drummer (Molly Hatchet).
Miguel Donoso Pareja, 82, Ecuadorian writer.
Andy Fraser, 62, British bass guitarist (John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Free).
Chet Giermak, 86, American basketball player (William & Mary), stroke.
Jack Haley, 51, American basketball player (Chicago Bulls), heart disease.
D. K. Ravi, 35, Indian IAS officer.
Allan Rowe, 59, Canadian politician, MLA for Dartmouth South (since 2013), aneurysm.
Braydon Smith, 23, Australian featherweight boxing champion (World Boxing Council), brain injury received in bout.
Max Stenbeck (sv), 30, American-born Swedish financier and businessman, complications from diabetes.

Antonio Betancort, 78, Spanish footballer (Real Madrid, national team).
Collins Chabane, 54, South African politician, Minister of Public Service and Administration (since 2014), traffic collision.
John C. Daniels, 78, American politician, Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut (1990-1993).
Narayan Desai, 90, Indian Gandhian and writer.
Curtis Gans, 77, American activist and writer, lung cancer.
Krishna Kalle, 74, Indian playback singer.
Mike Porcaro, 59, American bassist (Toto), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Eusebiu Stefanescu (ro), 70, Romanian actor, brain cancer.
Xu Caihou, 71, Chinese general, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission, bladder cancer.

Nino Cristofori, 85, Italian senator. Minister of Labor and Social Security.
Jim Doherty, 71, American Hall of Fame harness racing driver and trainer.
Ana María Giunta, 72, Argentine actress, respiratory disease.
Milton Huddart, 54, English rugby league footballer (Whitehaven), heart attack.
Liezl Martinez, 47, Filipina actress, breast cancer.
Ogygian, 31, American Thoroughbred racehorse, euthanized after complications from colic.
Valentin Rasputin, 77, Russian writer.
Therezinha Zerbini (pt), 86, Brazilian lawyer and feminist activist.

Daevid Allen, 77, Australian musician (Soft Machine, Gong).
Frank Chauvin, 81, Canadian humanitarian, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
George Connell, 84, Canadian academic and biochemist, President of the University of Toronto (1984-1990).
Irwin Hasen, 96, American cartoonist (Dondi).
Gretchen Kafoury, 72, American civil servant and politician, member of the Oregon House of Representatives (1977-1982).
Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska, 89, Polish paleobiologist, winner of the Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science (2005).
Joe McDonnell, 58, American radio sports commentator and talk show host (KNX).
Meyera Oberndorf, 74, American politician, Mayor of Virginia Beach, Virginia (1988-2009), Alzheimer's disease.
Al Rosen, 91, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians).
Jack Lund Schofield, 91, American politician, member of the Nevada Assembly (1970-1974) and Senate (1974-1978).
J. C. X. Simon, 69, American murderer (Zebra murders).
Marat Tishchenko (ru), 84, Russian helicopter designer (Mil Mi-26, Mil Mi-28).
Lia van Leer, 90, Romanian-born Israeli film archive pioneer.
Maria Vicol, 79, Romanian foil fencer.

Bob Anderson, 79, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs).
Harith al-Dhari, 74, Iraqi Sunni Arab cleric, chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars.
Willie Barrow, 90, American civil rights activist.
Erol Buyukburc, 79, Turkish composer and singer.
Carl, Prince of Wied, 53, German royal, heart attack.
Michael Graves, 80, American architect.
Magda Guzmán, 83, Mexican actress, heart attack.
Ada Jafri, 90, Pakistani Urdu poet.
Al McCann, 85, Canadian sports broadcaster (CFRN).
Oleksandr Peklushenko, 60, Ukrainian politician, Governor of Zaporizhia Oblast (2011-2014).
Terry Pratchett, 66, British author (Discworld), posterior cortical atrophy.
Siddalingaiah, 79, Indian film director (Bangaarada Manushya).

Bill Badger, 78, American Army pilot, key figure in the 2011 Tucson shooting.
Billy Block, 59, American roots musician, metastatic melanoma.
Walter Burkert, 84, German academic and author (Homo Necans).
Dinka Delic, 51, Bosnian entrepreneur, Miss World Yugoslavia (1984), heart attack.
Tony Fenton, 53, Irish radio presenter, prostate cancer.
Jimmy Greenspoon, 67, American keyboard player and composer (Three Dog Night), melanoma.
Martin H:son Holmdahl, 91, Swedish academic.
Gerald Hurst, 77, American chemist and fire investigator.
Louise Jull, 26, New Zealand kayaker, drowned.
Georges Mamelonet, 60, Canadian politician, traffic collision.
Harri Pritchard Jones, 81, Welsh writer, critic and psychiatrist.
Don McLeod, 68, Canadian ice hockey player.
Janice Rebibo, 65, American-born Israeli poet, cancer.
Carlo Ubaldo Rossi, 56, Italian composer and music producer, traffic collision.
Inger Sitter, 85, Norwegian painter and graphic artist.
Don Weeks, 76, American radio host (WGY).
Dell Williams, 92, American businesswoman and actress.

Fred Fredericks, 86, American cartoonist (Mandrake the Magician).
Richard Glatzer, 63, American director, writer and producer (Still Alice, America's Next Top Model), ALS.
Vic Harris, 69, British snooker player, pneumonia.
Gonzalo López Silvero (es), 85, Cuban-born Venezuelan television sports announcer.
Sadashivrao Dadoba Mandlik, 80, Indian politician.
Tim Rucks, 54, American football player and coach (North Park, Carthage), heart attack.
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Claude Sitton, 89, American Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper reporter, heart failure.
Stuart Wagstaff, 90, British-born Australian entertainer, complications from pulmonary fibrosis.

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