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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello Video Lovers,

Joe Cocker's performance of the Beatles song 'With A Little Help From My Friends' at Woodstock in 1969 is one of the most iconic moments in rock-and-roll history. Not only because of the emotional and inspirational impact of the moment, but because ol' Joe's delivery was almost completely incomprehensible AND it looked like he was suffering a grand mal seizure throughout the performance.

I'm not saying it was massive amounts of drugs (but it was totally massive amounts of drugs). Finally, somebody has taken the time to dissect the song and interpret for us the mysterious message Joe was trying to deliver on that historic day.

Your Editor

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What was Joe Cocker REALLY Singing at Woodstock?

In 1969, Joe Cocker gave an inspiring and mostly incomprehensible performance of 'With A Little Help From My Friends' at Woodstock. Finally, we have a translation.

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