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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

I am all about having adorable and strange pets - not that I actually any, but its interesting to see what other people do as long as they are all safe! Todays video showcases an animal I never in a million years would have thought about for a pet - the possum (or opossum).

We have all seen them, the slightly stranger raccoon-like animals of North America. They are in fact our only native marsupials which means they have a pouch. But from what I thought, they were just all wild animals and I never heard of anyone keeping them as pets - this guy seems to think that should change! Interesting, but I think I will stick with my puppies and kittens…

Pleasant Watching,

Featured Video:
Baby Possum Pets
This guy asserts they are sweet animals, and that they get even tamer the more you handle them.

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Last Week’s Video:
How Wolves Change The Course of Rivers
I think these are my new favorite animals! So cool.

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