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Superhawk Elliott Abrams Named Special Envoy on Iran
'Cancel culture' prevents the truth about Israel/Palestine from being discussed - including the rising risk of a war with Iran
Israeli court awards Jerusalem church properties to settlers
Annexation was always on Israel's agenda
We're fighting the same battle everywhere
I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State
UN envoy promotes "peace" at expense of justice
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Senate Dems introduce amendment that would block Israel from using U.S. funds for annexation
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Israel rubberstamps 50 years of land theft
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A New or One World Order
Crushing US Sanctions To Take Effect on Syria This Week
NY Times editor who ran Tom Cotton op-ed is anti-Palestinian activist
Israel lobby sees Black Lives Matter as major strategic threat
From Minneapolis to Palestine, racism is the common enemy
Propaganda is Propaganda
Here's How We Might Respond to a Pandemic if Not for the Domineering State
Hardline settler to lead Israel's fight against ICC
Coronavirus a boon to Israeli military tech
Papa Adelson's Emerging Tawdry Ties to the CIA
Trump turns on colleges, colleges on human rights
UK Supreme Court boosts BDS
World and Israel: A very important victory for neo-Totalitarians
"I did nothing to deserve this"
Israel may ask for double its usual $3.8 billion from the U.S this year
Coronavirus a gift to Israeli colonization