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Even in death, Shireen Abu Akleh exposes Israel's lies
A New Chapter in the Chronicling of Israeli Apartheid
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EU must be pushed to ban settlement goods
Union of Jewish Students admits to faked petition signatures
Israel terrorizes Ramadan worshippers at al-Aqsa mosque
Holocaust survivor backs war crimes case against Israel's Benny Gantz
"Peaceful" Sweden stocks up on Israeli weapons
Mike Pence flies to Israel on Miriam Adelson's private jet
UNHRC approves 4 anti-Israel resolutions, calls for limited arms embargo
NYT finally acknowledges Amnesty's apartheid report
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Texas anti-BDS measure ruled unconstitutional - again
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Bennett Says Biden Supports Israel's 'Freedom of Action' Against Iran
How Empires Die
The Cause of Anti-colonialism and Liberation is One: Fayez Sayegh's Zionist Colonialism in Palestine
Israel has lost the apartheid propaganda war
Stand up and Win
Palestine Action is legalizing the smashing of Israeli arms factories
UK Israel lobby takes aim at Palestinian university lecturer
Extremists want Palestine rights advocate fired from NYC position
They Don't Want Peace
The Boycott Works
Israel's cyberwarfare industry had a bad year
Jonathan Pollard says Jews 'will always have dual loyalty' and would counsel young Jews to consider spying for Israel
Palestinian starving for his freedom may die any moment
Finland bill would outlaw Israeli settlement goods
CNN erases West Bank and Gaza Strip
Canadian diplomat gets caught lying about Israel arms sales
Meet Edward Isaacs, the student waging a campus war for Israel
After 70 years on the sidelines, AIPAC will now officially fundraise for politicians
Roger Waters: Why I support war crimes case against Israel's Benny Gantz
Not guilty: Palestine Action acquitted in first trial
Israel Behind Cyberattack on Iranian Gas Stations, Say US Officials
Iran Says Israel Is Spreading Lies to 'Poison' Nuclear Deal Talks
Apple sues Israeli spy firm NSO Group
UAE general elected head of Interpol comes under fire by human rights groups
White saviors want Palestinians to "own" the occupation