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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hello Music lovers,

There aren’t a whole lot of Bo Diddley is one of the most well-known of the forerunners of Rhythm and Blues back in the day, though they still called him a folk musician. Everyone from The Beatles to Jack White have cited this man as a prime influence and he took the world by storm in 1955.

That’s right, sixty years ago marked the first time Bo Diddley appeared on the Ed Sullivan show! Watch this clip with a great lead-in by the man himself, Ed Sullivan. Rumor has it, Sullivan was angry that Diddley decided to play an unscripted tune (Some call this the Bo Diddley Beat) and banned him from appearing on the show. So enjoy his first and only appearance on this show!


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Bo Diddley with the Bo Diddley Beat
This was probably his first appearance on any television show, but you know you’ve made it if you got on Ed Sullivan!

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Last Week’s Video:
The Beatles - And I Love Her
One of my favorite tunes by The Beatles - And I Love Her. Not sure what the nature of this video was, but pretty sure it’s the studio recording.

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