Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Refrain from using the highway as a racetrack
Be willing to listen, but don't be fooled
Try to be reasonable
Do something constructive outside
Don't let others make you feel guilty or insecure
Your personal life will be under the gun
Don't put limitations on yourself
Do not get into uncertain financial deals
Partnerships may be plentiful
Think about your priorities
Your goals will be in reach if...
Put your energy into learning new skills
Residential moves will be hectic and may be unsatisfactory
Someone you live with may feel totally neglected
Accept the inevitable
You should not get involved in joint ventures
Anger may cause you grief
Avoid lending money or belongings to friends
Travel will be most enticing
You will be tempted to shop...
Don't go hog wild...
Invite friends or relatives into your home
Concentrate on spending quality time with children and friends
Changes in your domestic scene are evident.
Do not let your mate annoy you
You need to start planning that vacation
Avoid lovers who already have a relationship
Avoid disputes with family
Don't let your boss make you feel guilty
You will have a childlike approach today
People who try to persuade you
Travel could bring you the adventure
You may want to clear the air where older relatives are concerned
You can offer your help to others
You may have the day off but your thoughts
Get busy putting your place in order
You are best to stick to basics
You should regain some of your self esteem ...
Be cautious of making any residential changes today
Organize your day well
Travel will be favorable
Jealous colleagues may try to undermine you
Accept the inevitable
Don't beat around the bush
Emotionally you won't see things accurately
Social events will be favorable
You will be misinterpreted...
Mingle with those who have similar interests
You can make it up to them later
This is not the best time to take a risk