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Gobble...Gobble...Happy Thanksgiving to all my loyal readers!

We will resume our essential oil issues next week.

As you can see I'm sending this issue earlier than normal.
Today's I'm featuring hints that may help with today's meal

Handy Hints Holly
Email your favorite hints


Hint 1: Utilize your microwave

Timing is everything on Thanksgiving. Making sure everything is done at the same time, and still hot can be difficult at times. Here's a tip to help keep your potatoes or green bean casserole warm while the rest of dinner finishes cooking.

An unused microwave oven is insulated and will keep a hot pot warm for half an hour.


Use your barbecue gas grill as a warming oven. Put it on low heat, place a pot or two inside, and close the lid.


Hint 2:

If your turkey is done before your guests arrive, remove it
from the oven, place a large sheet of foil over it, and then drape a big kitchen towel over everything. It will all help keep the heat in and protect your bird from drying out.

Hint 3:

If your bird seems a little dry, heat up a few inches of
turkey or chicken stock in a wide pan, slice your turkey,
and then drag the slices through the bath to get a little
more moisture in there.

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