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The Giant Impact theory.
The bloodiest ship-to-ship action of the age of sail.
Whatever happened to 1 percent?
Oll Korrect.
I am a jelly doughnut?
Why is Easter on a different date each year?
Why you become paralyzed when you sleep.
The oldest recipe ever discovered was for what?
How long would it take to walk around the world?
Drowning The Shamrock.
Even more famous than the salad.
Is the Shamrock really Irish or are we promoting an American fraud?
Where does the idea of chivalry come from?
What does it mean when you're n@ked in your dreams?
What's the hidden meaning behind the Great Seal of the United States?
The rarest metals you never heard of.
Boost your your stamina, alertness and memory in 20 minutes by doing this.
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.
Is it Presidents Day or is it Washington's Birthday?
Are you planning anything for Valentine's Day?
Why is 'No.' the abbreviation for number?
The best way to use canabis isn't to smoke it.
The first jetpack Super bowl.
Who is the only woman to ever appeared on a U.S. currency note?
The first ex-president to skip an inauguration wasn't Trump.
The era of Civil Rights.
Do blondes really have more fun?
The Chinese may have discovered tea, but who invented the tea bag?
The King is dead.
Welcome to Wulfmonath.
Whatever you do, don't eat lobster or chicken tomorrow.
Winter wonderland
A genuine Christmas miracle.
Are you a Oenophile? You probably are.
Poppy Appeal
Hemlock, snakeroot and other deadly plants.
The world's largest waterfall is underwater
Who fired the first shot at Pearl Harbor in 1941?
Why do 33 percent of teachers quit in the first 3 years?
What's heavier than lead or gold?
How will COVID impact the biggest 'bar night' of the year?
Guard donkeys and Tarantulas
Some of the most expensive things in the world.
What was the first metal ever discovered?
How green wallpaper helped kill Napoleon and other crazy color facts.
'Facts' we all know are true, but really aren't.
Why the 21st Amendment is so important to you.
Real life horror stories to keep you awake until Halloween.
Just how many 'Wars Between the States' have there been?
The potentially deadly disease you might have with no symptoms.