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Tarantula bites are about as painful as bee stings.
Would you pay $25 million for a watch?
What were the seven metals known to ancient man?
'Twas the night before Thanksgiving.
Do you know Roy G. Biv?
Don't believe these so-called 'facts'
The only repealed amendment to the US Constitution.
The inspiration for Silence of the Lambs, Child's Play and other popular horror stories.
One of the largest civil uprisings in U.S. history.
Good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol.
Is taller better?
The Moon Illusion and other scientific mysteries.
When Christmas was illegal
What exactly are you getting into when you get married?
A war of firsts and innovations.
One of the biggest political failures in U.S. history.
The year 'Two-Buck Chuck' won a top wine award.
The longest war in history and Santa Anna's leg.
We didn't always have this luxury to waste.
The supreme sacrifice.
The first 3 hours are the most crucial.
The sometimes brutal struggle for unionized labor.
This trait can indicate creativity and musical abilities.
How the French Revolution gave birth to haute cuisine.
Forever Foods
The god of fire and the city of Atlantis.
The dollar is only worth 12 cents of what it was worth in 1950.
The most popular pet in the U.S. after dogs and cats.
The biggest skull of any other dinosaur.
The Silver River.
In space no one can hear you scream.
The second most popular drink on Earth after tea.
The surprising ways humans have permanently changed the planet.
The 'impossible' problem of the ancient Greeks.
The most complicated and dangerous piece of military equipment in the modern world.
Fear of Flying
Can stress really turn your hair gray?
The Declaration of Independence wasn't signed on July 4.
A ubiquitous component of historical U.S. significance... beer!
These simple foods will help you live longer according to a new study.
The murderous 'Pepper X'
The top 10 best summer songs of all time.
What is the only vitamin that is a hormone?
Who's that whisperin' in the trees?
The Cold War
The largest amphibious invasion in military history.
Why did Noon originally mean 3pm?
The Great American Pastime
You'll be surprised at how slow light can travel.