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Do you know what to do at 3 this afternoon?
How would you like to live in Texlahoma?
Is the moon ever really full?
Have you ever had black rice?
They have inspired fear and awe for millennia.
We wouldn't have modern cities without this.
The last chance for fairies to travel the Earth.
The monarch of the insect kingdom.
Is there a donut recipe in the Bible?
One of the most recognizable scents to adults.
Where did the Easter bunny come from?
Why was Tax Day moved from March 15 to April 15?
You'll never make a monkey out of me.
Just how tall IS the tallest tree in the world?
Do you dare to believe these April Fools facts?
Is there really a 'dark' side of the moon?
The tragic story of William Sitgreaves Cox.
How can we feed 9 billion people?
The most internationally understood phrase in the world.
A bad day to be Caesar.
Did you remember to spring ahead?
What do the ashes mean?
Did President Kennedy really call himself a jelly doughnut?
Have trouble sleeping? It's more dangerous than you think.
As old as civilization itself.
Have you ever wondered what Mississippi means?
Who was the only U.S. president to personally lead troops?
How many steps should you be walking in a day?
Is the idea of modern chivalry sexist?
Why do you sometimes appear nude in your dreams?
This is your God.
Your color TV wouldn't work without this rare metal.
A power nap is magical.
What did Richard Wagner have to do with Star Wars?
Why is there an 'R' in Mrs.?
Daddy longlegs.
Welcome Trivia Today readers.
The most disgusting things used to dye hair.
The most expensive tea in the world.
What you didn't know about chess.
The Christmas miracle of World War I.
What makes red wine different from white?
How the horrors of WW I gave rise to 'Poppy Appeal'.
Killer plants.
Why do so many teachers quit within three years?
Which is heavier; gold or lead?
Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the bars...
Would you spend $25k for a bottle of champagne?
Amazing metals.