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A running, jumping, pouncing machine.
Did the 'first' Thanksgiving actually take place in Texas?
Things you can stop worrying about when roasting turkey.
Blighty! Did you know these words came from the trenches of WW I?
Thank Ben Franklin for the extra hour of sleep.
These 'gros melons' aren't so gross.
The veil between the living and the dead is lifting.
It's as addictive as cocaine.
The top ten most popular fiction books by sales.
What is the difference between ale and lager?
Sheep's skins and mortarboards.
What is the rarest color diamond in the world?
Who invented the zero?
How the game of 21 got its nickname.
The Washington Monument is capped with this miracle metal.
This animal has been responsible for the extinction of 33 different species.
What do Nachos, Jacuzzis and AK-47s have in common?
Spider silk is five times stronger than steel.
Are you worth your salt?
You probably already know the nation's first National Park
Patron Saint of America even before Lady Liberty.
The home of King Momo and the world's biggest Carnival.
The home of King Momo and the world's biggest Carnival.
Nobody wants to go back to seven-day work weeks.
America's unhealthy obsession.
1.5 million barrels of blood.
Sayings, saws and idioms; what they really mean.
The highest award for valor which can be bestowed.
The Colossus of Rhodes, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and other ancient wonders.
An exaltation of larks and other terms of 'Venery'
80,000 miles of steel wire.
The difference between toothed and baleen.
A billion years in the making.
Back when hot dogs were a nickel.
Some animals you might not know are venomous.
The Crown Jewels, King Arthur and more.
2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of meat.
That's one big doggo.
English muffins aren't muffins... or English.
What ever happened to Texlahoma and Westsylvania?
The most popular holiday for barbecuing.
Shower habits you need to ditch.
The Last Frontier and a good reason to drink beer.
The top 9 most hazardous summer injuries.
'Have you had your rice today?'
The once most widely distributed land predator is all but gone.
What is an atmospheric engine?
These beautiful, irreplaceable creatures are quickly disappearing.
Today is all about the animal skins and bear teeth.
A holiday that goes back to the Civil War.