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House passes $4.5B border aid bill
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Elizabeth Warren rolls out universal child care bill
Democrats question use of facial recognition technology on U.S. citizens in airports
Russian plot against U.S. election was advanced, profitable
Supreme Court declines U.S. request to speed decision on DACA
Supreme Court strikes down Obama-era Medicare policy change
DNC tightens qualifications for third presidential debate
Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to transgender restroom policy
House subpoenas Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson in obstruction probe
Bipartisan Senate plan aims to help more Americans save for retirement
Trump uses executive privilege to block unredacted Mueller report
Judge rules Democrats can proceed with emoluments case against Trump
Supreme Court shows split during arguments on census citizenship question
House Democrats subpoena Deutsche Bank, other institutions in Trump probe
Democrats seek end to workplace harassment with new legislation
House oversight to issue subpoenas in census, security clearance probes
Trump administration calls for complete invalidation of Obamacare
White House proposes student loan limits