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Phunny Pictures - May 30, 2015

Howdy Folks,

What are the worst three words a kid never wants to hear: "Summer School". No, not the movie, the actually summertime torture that kids have to go on thru if they didn't pass their school learnin' the class prior.

My kids are now in summer school right now. Its not because of their smarts, it is because of the number of sick days they had due to a mishap at the 2015 Chicken Nugget Eat-A-Thon at the end of the scool year picknic.

Don't worry, they are fine. They don't like goin' to school in the summer though and who could blame 'em. They are the smartest bunch of kids y'all will ever meet so it will be easy for 'em. Only a few weeks to go.

I never did that well in school so I know how much of a pain summer school is. I've been goin' to summer school ever since the third grade. Hopefully I'll pass one of these days.

Take Care Y'all

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What's cooking!

Dinnertime has gone to the dogs

I hope you washed those paws before you handled the meat.

You better not have shed in the souffle

I'm making leg of lab

Stop your drooling, it's almost done.

Move over, Remy!

Just wait til you get a load of these biscuits.

ready to bark for your breakfast?

Food so good your tail will wag!

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