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Phunny Pictures - November 21, 2015

Howdy Folks,

I just wanted to wish y'all a Happy Thanksgivin'.

The family and me are headin' to my folks place for the holiday. The kids aren't too good at travelin', but that's okay since we only live eight trailers away from 'em.

I'm lookin' forward to the food. I can't wait to get my plate filled with turkey-loaf, stuffin', gravy, taters, various pork products, chips, meat, twinkies, beer, jelly doughnuts, meat, meat jerky, meaty meat, jerky meat, pudding, pizza, pizza puffs, pizza rolls, pizza bagels, pizza bread, bottled beer, chex mix, deer meat, box O'wine, pork rinds, Yams, Funions, tums, bacon, bacon bits, salsa, 11 different kinds of dip, boxes of Count Chocula, canned beer, chili, beer battered beer dogs, beer battered meat, beer battered meat jerky, beer battered jerky meat, baked beans, beer, beer in a bucket and a few other things that escape me at the moment. Oh, and beer and meat. I'm gettin the meat-sweats just writin this stuff down.

This Thanksgivin' is going to be the best one yet. That is if the fuzz don't show up and arrest my Aunt Darla for sellin beer battered jerky loaf out a her trunk. Apparently theirs a law against it.

Have a good ol' thanksgivin'!

Take Care Y'all

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