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Phunny Pictures - June 20, 2015

Howdy Folks,

Daddy Day is tomarrow. I mean Fathers Day. I'm excited because I'm sure all of my young'uns will have some special celebratin stuff planed for me. My mind reals from the posssibllitees.

Maybe they'll get me a years supply of BBQ sauce. Or how about a grill made out of a shoppin cart. Or a dog that can get me fresh beers out of the cooler and or fridge. Or a case of motor oil. Or a camoflaged dirt bike. Oh, or how about slappin a new coat of paint on the ol' outhouse. Or a new sleeveless flannel that's nice enough for a funneral or a weddin or both.

Its not alot to ask for. I'm just doin what i can to help out the kids. Helpin my young'uns is truly the greatest gift.

Happy Father's Day, Y'all!!!

Take Care Y'all

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Ya, I'm a swinger.

talk about an ugly kid !!

So... don't just stand there, give me a push!!

what are you lookin at?

Swings, not just for kids

Hey you, come on - it ain't gonna push itself.

Being a swinger is "RUFF"!

Am I expected to enjoy this?

I'm not someone you can easily push around.

I should never have accepted a double dare from the cat.

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