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Phunny Pictures - December 26, 2015

Howdy Folks,

Well, this will be the last Phunny Pictures of 2015. I still cant belief that it really is 2015. Can you believe it? I cant. I cant ever count that high. Numbers, huh?

That reminds me, I've got to come up with a new years revolution. Maybe somethin like shave early and shave often. Or baths, theyre not just for leap years anymore. Hijean is important.

Happy New Year 2016, y'all! Be safe and remember... badger is not just for breakfast anymore.

Take Care Y'all

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Last Weeks Picture:

Here's the Top caption submissions as incompetently judged by Jethro:

The new snow removal service only costs peanuts.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

Much better than the yellow kind!

Hey, wait...they told me there were peanuts up here! Liars!

I love roof top slussies.

You want me to do the windshield next?

You wouldn't believe what I go through for a Blizzard

Ahh, nothing like a snow shower!

Ahhh snow cones.......

There's no business like snow business

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