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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plasm 145:1-5

I will extol You, my God, O King;
And I will bless Your name forever and ever.

Every day I will bless You,
And I will praise Your name forever and ever.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised;
And His greatness is unsearchable.

One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.

I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty,
And on Your wondrous works.

Greetings Bible Enthusiast!

How important are strong family ties? Most of us would agree
that they are very important; crucial to the emotional health
and well being of all.

As important as they are though, nothing is stronger than the
ties that bind us through faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore,
even if one comes from a dysfunctional family, as many
do, we can experience the love and unity of the family of
believers, to which all of of belong.

Praise God for the friend who sticks closer than a brother!
(Proverbs 18:24)

God Bless You!

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Q. What did Job's friends have to do to restore
themselves in God's sight?

Answer below.



"A man never knows joy until he gets rightly related to

- Oswald Chambers

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Teacher: "There's an old saying that cats have nine lives.
Does any animal have any more than that?"

Little Johnny: "Sure, frogs. They croak every night."



Q. What did Job's friends have to do to restore
themselves in God's sight?

A. "Now therefore take for yourselves seven bulls and
seven rams, go to My servant Job, and offer up for your-
selves a burnt offering; and My servant Job shall pray
for you.

For I will accept him, lest I deal with you according
to your folly; because you have not spoken of Me what
is right as my servant Job has."

Job 42:8

We are accountable for the words that we say. With the
help of the Holy Spirit, we can know the truth, and the
truth will set us free!


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