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MOUTHPIECE - December 29, 2015

Good Afternoon,

I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. I made breakfast for myself, but I forgot to eat it. I hate when that happens.

I think that the older I get the more I forget. I wonder what else I forgot today?

Oh, my parents are at the airport!

Enjoy today's issue! Oh, and have a Happy New Year!

Mouthing Off,

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[m] q u o t e s . o f . t h e . d a y

"Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped."
--Groucho Marx

"Misery no longer loves company. Nowadays it insists on it."
--Russell Baker

"Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them."
--Bill Vaughan

[m] What's On the Web?


The World RPS Society is dedicated to the promotion of Rock Paper Scissors as a fun and safe way to resolve disputes. We feel that conserving the roots of RPS is essential for the growth and development of the game and the players. The World RPS Society is involved in many areas of the sport, such as; research studies, workshops, tournaments at both local and international levels, book publishing, and much more.



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[m] b i t s . n . b o b s


11) Lawyers wear law suits.

10) Next time you get a lawyer a drink, give him just-ice.

9) A lawyer using a facsimile machine must be sure to get his fax straight.

8) A lawyer for a church did some cross-examining.

7) Does a lawyer representing an angry cow find just cause for sour milk in a dairy case?

6) A detective likes to have a brief case.

5) The detective who went to investigate a burned down post office figured that it must be blackmail.

4) There are many judges who would like to acquit smoking.

3) Old judges never die, they just slur their sentences.

2) A police dog is often the scenter of a drug arrest.

1) If there's one person you don't want to interrupt in the middle of a sentence, it's a judge.


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