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This goes down as the MOST HEARTWARMING DVD ever. I know
that sounds strange, but read on...

It's the story of Christian the lion. Two people raised him
when he was a lion cub but they had to let him go into the
wild after he grew too big. After one year, the two people went
into the wild to see the lion and an amazing reunion took place.

Whether or not you want this deal, please click to watch the
video. I think you'll be glad you did. By the way, this deal
also has the distinction of generating the most comments ever!


Normal Price: $19.99

This is truly an amazing and heartwarming story. This double
feature DVD containing Animal Adventure starring Christian The
Lion and The Great Dan Patch.

Christian the Lion (which is the video clip you will see) is the
beautiful TRUE story about Christian the Lion as he is introduced
to the wild African plains for the first time in his life. After
years of being around humans, Christian considers himself a human
too. With George Adamson, the man featured in the classic film
'Born Free'.

Then you get the bonus program 'The Great Dan Patch' about one
of the most remarkable race horses that ever lived.

You simply must click on the link to see a video clip that will
truly warm your heart. And you can pick up the DVD for just $9.99.

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