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I can't believe how quickly the mainstream media spoiled which characters died on the Season 7 premiere of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'. I haven't had a show spoiled this quickly for me since my aunt called my parents to tell them who shot J.R.? That's a 'Dallas' reference for all you young whippersnapper out there. No, not the most recent 'Dallas', the old one.

That is all.

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Mariah Carey speaks out amid James Packer split rumors
Mariah Carey broke her silence Sunday amid James Packer split rumors.

The 46-year-old American singer gave a shoutout on Instagram to her "real friends" following reports she and the 49-year-old Australian businessman have ended their engagement.

"#realfriends who don't read Woman's Day #wedontknowyou #We love you #Australianlambs @stellabulochnikov," she captioned a photo of herself with producer Stella Bulochnikov.

Carey shared the post from a night out with Bulochnikov and other friends at Catch restaurant in Los Angeles. E! News reported the star had sushi and mingled with her pals at the Hollywood hotspot.

"She was with friends and dancing and singing and having a blast," a source told the website.

Woman's Day had reported Thursday that Carey and Packer split due to tensions over the singer's forthcoming reality show, Mariah's World, and alleged extravagant spending. Carey's rep later told Entertainment Tonight that the couple haven't seen each other since they had a fight in Greece in September.

"The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by Mariah," the spokesperson said. "They are trying to work it out. Right now, they're not sure if they will stay together."

Carey and Packer had gotten engaged in January after less than a year of dating. An insider told E! News over the weekend that the "You're Mine (Eternal)" singer was "blindsided" by the breakup.

"The split has been devastating for Mariah," the source said. "She loved James and was planning to marry him ... Everything she has done over the past year is to prove how fully committed she is to their life together. She really wanted this to work. And then, completely out of the blue, it imploded."

Carey was previously married to Nick Cannon. She and the actor celebrated an early Halloween with their 5-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, last week.

"The love I get from him. Little things like the two kisses he stood up and gave me last night to say thank you for making him mac and cheese from scratch. It's a love never found anywhere or with anyone else."
--Naya Rivera, on the ultimate perk of motherhood, to Mini Magazine

??? Guess Who ???

Which actor said he binged 'Ash vs. Evil Dead,' then thought, 'I've got to be a part of it'?

Tracy Morgan, Louis C.K. to appear on 'Conan' in NYC this week
Conan O'Brien has lined up Louis C.K., Ryan Reynolds, Rory Scovel and Tracy Morgan as guests for when he takes his talk show on the road to New York City this week.

TBS' Los Angeles-based Conan will be broadcast from Harlem's famed Apollo Theater Monday through Thursday.

The week of episodes will kick off the beginning of Conan's eighth year on the cable television network. It also marks the show's sixth out-of-the-studio trip in the past 18 months and its second excursion to New York.

Previous trips have taken Conan to North Korea, Armenia and the United States Air Force Base in Doha, Qatar, where O'Brien was accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama. O'Brien became the first American late-night host to shoot in Cuba in more than 50 years in the spring of 2015.

Episodes of the show have also been taped in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego Comic-Con.

??? Guess Who ???

Which actor said he binged 'Ash vs. Evil Dead,' then thought, 'I've got to be a part of it'?

Lee Majors admits he wasn't aware of the classic Evil Dead horror-comedy movies before he was asked to guest star in Season 2 of their television sequel Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Grilled about why he opted to play the grudge-holding father of Bruce Campbell's demon-hunter Ash on the Starz hit, the 77-year-old, Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy icon told UPI at New York Comic Con: "Because I was asked. I got a phone call to say would I be interested and would I like to do it."

He went on to explain he hadn't seen the films or show before that point, so he binged Ash vs. Evil Dead to see what it was all about.

"I said: 'This is bat-[expletive] crazy. I've got to be a part of it. It is so funny.' And I think that's what draws most of the fans to this show. I wouldn't have done it if it was just strictly a horror show without the comedy. Some tune in for the gore, some tune in for the comedy."

So, once he agreed to take the role, how did he go about figuring out how to play it?

"Having watched the first season, I knew where to go with that because he has got to be a chip off the old block. So, I just came in as the old block," Majors revealed. "I came in with the same kind of attitude [Ash] had -- more or less -- and the same competition with the ladies that he has and it worked from there."

"Lee is great," 58-year-old Campbell said in a separate interview. "Lee is what you would hope he would be. You hope he would be a gentleman and very professional and very good. He's all of that because he has done too many hours of television to be crazy. You don't work that much if you are crazy. You work that much if you are a journeyman, working actor who is very professional. We like to ad lib, so he grabbed me one day and he said: 'Look, now I memorized my lines, see, so if you guys go changing your lines, you gotta tell me. I don't want any surprises.' So, we were like, 'OK, OK, OK.' So, we keep him posted. No surprises for Lee."

Co-starring Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, Ash vs. Evil Dead airs Sunday nights on Starz. Season 2 began with Ash returning home to Michigan more than 30 years after leaving in disgrace. Just as he makes peace with his cantankerous father, the old man is run down and killed by Ash's possessed car.

Campbell originated the role of Ash in the 1981 movie Evil Dead, and reprised the part of the unlikely hero in 1987's Evil Dead II and 1992's Army of Darkness.

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