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Looking Good - September 7, 2016

*-- What Foods Cause Acne? --*

Having acne-prone skin you have to take care what you eat, because certain foods may aggravate acne problem, we all try to get rid rid of. In this article we will talk about certain types of foods that cause acne, so it's better to not include them when having acne-prone skin type.

It may be not easy to quit eating foods you may love, however it's worth doing so, or at least trying..., one day you will succeed.

Beside eating properly, you have to remember to take good care of your skin, by cleansing your skin properly, following skin care routine for oily skin, which should be consulted with your doctor and by incorporating some healthy activities into your lifestyle.

You have to realize how big impact proper eating has on our life and the condition of our body and your doctor surely will share some great acne treatments and tips regarding diet for your specific case.

You should remove all listed foods from your diet, switching to good eating habits and after first month you should see positive changes, it's good to take picture of yourself every 2 weeks - you will see the big difference in the appearance. Later on you will be able to add to your diet some of the foods listed below.

So let's go to the most important part, to the list of foods that may cause the acne problem:

List of foods you should remove from your acne diet:
- Nuts - and products that are made with nuts: such as peanut butter
- Chocolates - in any forms
- Cola and other dark drinks - it's ok to drink light colored sodas
- Spicy foods
- Salty foods - example: french fries, chips and other. If you want to eat salt, please use it while cooking
- Pizza
- Dairy products
- Less sugar - it may cause problems, so consume less sweet products - I know it's hard
- Less fried foods - again something with "less". So enjoy fried foods, but not all the time

In the list you can find "less sugar" and "less fried foods" - it is recommended to remove sugar and fried foods from your diet for some days and see how your body reacts, and you need to decide after if you want to include sugar in your diet or it's better not to.

Feel that there is nothing left to eat? Well it's simply not true. I will give you in case the list of foods you can eat and it's same long!

List of Foods to Help Get Rid of Acne Problem:
- Meat
- Chicken
- Fish
- Vegetables and fruits
- Cereals and grains
- Coffee and tea
- Bread


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