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Looking Good - June 20, 2016

*-- Top Ways to Relax Before Your Wedding --*

Planning a wedding is stressful for both the bride and groom. There are a lot of components that need to come together to take the day the best it can be, so it's likely that you've been visiting various venues, having long discussions with caterers, and figuring out a lot of costs. Once you finally have everything lined up for the big day there's nothing left to do but wait for it to come around.

The bride has had her final dress fitting, and the cars have been booked. The flowers have been ordered, and the cake is being made to your specifications. So what should you do whilst waiting? My suggestion is to take it easy and relax. I believe you're more likely to enjoy your wedding day if you have a clear head, and you aren't stressing out about the minor details. Here are just a few ideas for what you could do in the days and weeks before your big day...

Go to the spa

This is one for the ladies: have a look online and research what spas have to offer. Get your bridal party to accompany you on a girl's day out where you can get beauty treatments and have a bit of champagne. My favorite things to do include body wraps and massages, but if you're on a budget you could get one treatment as well as making use of the facilities including the pool and Jacuzzi. There are some spas that are part of hotels so you could stay overnight and make a little trip of it.

Hit the golf course

Whilst the women are getting beautiful, the men can be fine tuning their shot on the golf course. With a bit of sunshine and a light breeze, the golf club couldn't be a better place to be. You'll need to don your sports finery to be allowed into the clubhouse after your game, but this is worth it just to sink a few pints whilst analyzing your top shots. Again, you'll find some hotels on the same grounds as golf courses so it is a good excuse to play two days in a row.

Have a nice meal

Sometimes nothing will do but a nice meal. If you're a keen cook, you might feel more comfortable doing this yourself from your kitchen, but there's certainly nothing wrong with making reservations at a swanky restaurant. The benefit of going out for a meal is that you won't have to do any washing up, and you'll have people fussing over you the whole night. Bliss!

Put your feet up

If it's five minutes peace you're craving, escape to the living room and put your feet up. Put something on the television that makes you happy, or curl up with your favorite book. Of course you might fancy a read in the bathtub, and nobody could refuse a glass of bubbly in there too; you deserve it.


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