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Looking Good - March 9, 2016

*-- 6 Tips For Smooth And Sexy Legs --*

Summer is finally in full swing, so if you've been hiding your gorgeous gams underneath long skirts and skinny jeans all season, it's time to do something about it. Flaunt what your mama gave ya and prep your pins for the warmer weather with these expert tips.

Exfoliate First

Prior to waxing or shaving, it's of utmost importance to exfoliate your legs. While this is no new tip, it is tried and true. Slough away those dead skin cells, and let your legs shine.

Invest In A Good Razor Or Wax

When it comes to choosing a razor or wax, it's okay to splurge. Make sure you aren't using a product that has been sitting in your cupboard for a year, and with wax, check for expiration dates. Your razor should be used a max of three times before tossing it. Otherwise, prepare for razor burn.

Shave The Right Way

Shave during a warm shower, when the hair is nice and soft. Make sure your razor is fresh, and that the area has been prepped with a shaving cream or shaving oil first. If your legs have extra-coarse hair or are prone to ingrown hairs shaving with the growth of the hair can often be helpful. After you're done shaving, use a gentle astringent to keep the area clean and free of bacteria.

And At The Right Time Of Day

A little-known secret is that the time of day you choose to remove hair is essential. When shaving your legs, it's best to opt for an evening or nighttime removal. Our skin swells overnight, so an A.M. shave is not going to get nearly as close as it would at night. Pick a time when you won't have to rush as well. Because whether you're waxing or shaving, you'll want to take your time in order to prevent any cuts or irritation.

Try A Hair Removal Cream

Hate shaving? Try a pain-free hair removal cream that actually smells yummy instead! Nair's Brazilian Spa Clay for legs and body removes hair while you shower using Nair Shower Power technology. Simply smooth on your legs before you hop in the shower and step out with silky smooth skin that stays hair-free for days longer than shaving.

Do Some Squats

To make your legs (and buttocks) toned and tight for those short summer skirts and shorts, doing 40 to 50 squats a day while holding a five-pound weight will do the trick.


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