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Looking Good - August 29, 2016

*-- How to Lose Chicken Skin --*

For the novices, 'chicken skin', also referred to as keratosis pilaris, is a harmless disorder that produces patches of acne bumps on our skin. Protein buildups penetrate the skin through its hair follicles which produce small acne bumps that gives off the appearance of chicken flesh. Although it is unclear why these proteins build up, it is widely known that dry skin helps to exacerbate this condition.

In less serious cases, the best ways to improve the appearance (not so much eliminate) of your chicken skin is by following safe cleaning procedures. This includes scrubbing gently in the shower to lessen irritability. In addition, wiping the skin with towels should be avoided. Instead, pat the skin dry with a towel to keep the moisture gleaning on the surface. While the skin is still moist, it is a good idea to apply moisturizing lotions to keep the moisture intact.

In particular, you should seek moisturizers that carry the propylene flycol ingredient which is designed to soften chicken skin. In other cases, lactic acid cream (available at any pharmacy) can help to eliminate keratin protein buildup from the skin's surface. Investing in a humidifier also works wonders, as a dry climate may contribute to this condition as well. In essence, keeping your skin moisturized is the name of the game here.

If you see that your chicken skin condition is getting worse, it may be time to visit the dermatologists. Dermatologists can prescribe medications that focus on reducing roughness and soften keratin buildup. In addition, urea may be provided to soften dry skin and to eliminate dead skin cells. Sometimes, additional medicines that work with the immune system may be prescribed, like ointments that temporarily reduce the amount of cell turnover.

A strong dose of vitamins may also be applied to the skin. Keep in mind that medication, in most circumstances, only helps to improve the chicken skin's appearance. It is a condition that may last for years, although it is very manageable. If you have chicken skin today, make sure you follow the tidbits of advice above for better skin tomorrow.


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