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Looking Good - June 27, 2016

*-- How To Make Your Nails Stronger --*

If you have short, stubby nails or just want them to grow longer and look healthier, keep reading!

I bit my nails for years! My nails just now are starting to get stronger after all my years of biting them. Now my daughter has started, so I thought I'd do a bit of research to find out how to stop her from doing this. This is what I have found!

There a few simple steps to making your nails stronger and longer:

1. Drink plenty of water! Water replenishes your system making it ready for growth. You can also take supplements and vitamins as well if you desire.

2. Stop biting your nails. I realize for some people this is easier said than done, but trust me, once you stop, you'll never miss it! Stores do make bitter tasting nail polish that can be put on as a clear coat, over nail polish, or over top coats. Make sure to reapply so it every few days so that the bitter taste will still be fresh when you go to bite your nails!

3. File your nails. By filing your nails you are first making sure they are all without grooves or chips and all the same length. Especially when you are just trying to stop this will really help with the urge to bite them.

4. Make sure to put on a base coat, two coats of nail polish, and a top coat. The nicer your nails are, the less you will want to bite them. Keeping them painted will allow the blemishes and things that would normally bother you hidden as well. If necessary, apply a new coat of top coat daily to keep polish from chipping and to keep your nails looking fresh!

5. Find out what kind of nails you have. This way you can know how to treat them.


There are many different ways to treat different kinds of nails. Making sure they are treated though will help make them grow stronger and longer, helping to reduce/stop biting nails!


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