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Looking Good - March 23, 2016

*-- Applying Eyeshadow --*

Although most of us do this, the best place to apply your eye makeup isn't standing in front of a mirror. Sitting down at a table or desk with a tilt-type mirror in front of you will give you more control and a better look.

Look down in the mirror and see what I'm talking about. You can see more of your lid and eye area at this angle. You will have a smoother eyelid to work on and you won't have to squint or close one eye to put the eye makeup on.

This also works well if you are doing a more elaborate eye makeup "design" with more than one color, or applying false eyelashes, or applying dark shadow in the crease of your eye to define the area more.

When applying shadow, don't start at the corner of your eye (near the nose). You'll leave too much of a shadow deposit there. Instead, apply about an inch away first, stroking the color outward, across the fullest part of the lid. Then, go back to the inner corner and dust the color that is left on the applicator in the corner of the lid.

For a nice finished look, smudge a plum, brown, or charcoal gray pencil liner along the outer third of the upper and lower lash line before you apply your mascara.


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