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SUNGLASSES - Tough, Durable, and Cool...
It's the Sunglass Choice of the Stars...
Normal: $39.99 DEAL: $3.99


Did you know May 1st is Loyalty Day? The 15th is Armed Forces
Day. And of course, the big one, Memorial Day kicks off summer
on the 31st!

Are you prepared for the summer holidays with an American flag
all ready to fly?

Be proud! Let Old Glory fly.

We are pleased to announce that we have found Full-Size 3'x5'
American flags available at liquidation prices... never sold
before at these low prices.

Made of durable polyester with two (2) metal grommets perfect
for displaying.

Normal Price: $19.99

Its a great time to stock up AND pick up a couple for gifts,
but there is a LIMIT of 8 per order. NO DEALERS PLEASE...

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